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  1. "Some deny and search for things that never come around, do I feel like a fool? The places I have ran to all my life have disappeared . . . and I owe this all to you. I'm feeling like I'm sinking and nothing's there to catch me, keep me breathing. What do I have to do? Why can't this hurt be through? I'm going head into something I know I will fail . . . Why won't...

  2. Fuck You !!! I wanna see you cry, bitch. Everything you ever loved is bullshit. I never cared . . . I never fucking cared. You should have listened to the people you fucked behind my back. They're right, I'm a monster. And don't you think of EVER showing your face here again . . . I could never emphasize how much I wish you were fucking skinned alive. And I'm glad the world is...

  3. XOXOXO//

    Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 4:42 PM 2 Comments

    I MISS YOU. I miss the sound of your voice in my ears, the way you shake in my arms when you laugh. I miss the way your smile just brightens up my day, my world . . . I miss the way you make me feel, no one could ever make me feel the way you do. I feel COMPLETE. I feel so happy . . . and yet, almost scared. I feel excited and overwhelmed. I feel soo many things it's hard to...

  4. Rays of light shine down on filth, the attempt to restore some type of integrity. Worthless . . . blinding. The hateful souls of the living shun all hope . . . and beauty is destroyed and wiped away on impact. Like a cheap whore after a trick.

  5. A race against darkness, streams of purity in the sky slither among the clouds. Awaiting to be devoured by those wolves approaching . . . Waves of greed slowly impend upon the struggling sun. Peaking through the corrupted mist during it's venture of descent . . . to reach the flood of judgment.

  6. I Belong To The Skies.

    Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 3:36 PM 2 Comments

    One afternoon, I decided to go outside in my backyard and sit on the wooden pier and listen to music on my iPod. Gazing up at the sky, while listening to certain types of music by my lonesome synced together so perfectly . . . I actually did this same routine everyday just to admire the scenery . . . the beauty of the water itself and everything across the river that stood on the other...

  7. Wishful Thinking//

    Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 2:49 PM 2 Comments

    I wish I were addicted to things so I could blame them for why I'm soo fucked up . . . I desperately want someone to recognize one of my secrets so I can finally stop pretending. I want to talk to somebody because they care, not because it's their responsibility.

  8. It's Not Ironic, It's Obvious.

    Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 1:10 AM 10 Comments

    I'm a LIAR because I won't tell everything. I can't put everything into words or I don't want to hurt anyone. I'm STUPID because sometimes I am wrong. I'm NOT perfect. I'm UGLY because I'm not as pretty as another girl. I'm NOT a model. I DO NOT photoshop my pictures to be perfect. I'm a PUSHOVER because I like making people happy. I actually care about...

  9. Fall asleep and dream forever . . . Choose fantasy over reality because no matter how perfect . . . or horrible it all may seem. At least in the end . . . it was NEVER REAL. Just like me.

  10. October skies, painted red with anger and the season of decay. An eerie mist after a downpour devours every inch of light . . . Leaves all beauty shrouded by thick blankets of fog, ripping through the sky. You could almost see the air curling around your fingers . . . Out of sight, it all seems surreal . . . nothing but a dream. Simple, in the mystery of night that signals the...

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