What's the point?

Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 12:03 AM By: ZackaryVS

Why do we push ourselves to the point where what we are doing is something we don't want to do? Why work so hard at something when the outcome isn't still even what you want? For example going to school which most people hate, and going to work, which people still hate? There's no such thing as preparing for something you want to do in your life because what I want to do is be able to relax for the rest of my life and hang out with the people I love, and I can't prepare for that, and that's not even going to help me survive. I'll tell you why we do this. In our society, greed drives us. Selfishness takes over us. That's just the way society is. On a clean slate when the first humans appeared on earth, they were not selfish because they didn't have any motives. We are motivated to make money and we will do whatever we can to get it even though what we do sucks. That's how greedy we are. In our society money is power and power is happiness. We work, and we get stuff. There are ways to get stuff without working, by sharing and agreeing to do different kinds of work/services for your peeps without money, but that would be communism. In our society, we don't want communism because it doesn't work in a large group of people. It doesn't work because you still have the powerful elitists in charge of the country, and that is not even true communism. That is why we have capitalism because we can do stuff to get stuff. It just works. It is a good idea, but I wish it was easier than that. People on the low end of the spectrum are screwed and that's where the idea comes from when we want equality but the small group of fat elephants push us down and tell us we need to find our own way, when there is no way. And that my friends is called an oligarchy. When the powerful elitists take over and there is no way to rise up against them, unless you become in a state-of-war. *And that, is also mutually assured destruction guilty on all counts, for crimes against all of humanity*. (*couldn't help myself Megadeth was on my mind (the part: "mutually assured destruction" on the song "Sweating Bullets" mixed with the song "Captive Honor" with the "all counts of humanity" part) But the powerful elitists in a capitalistic society, wait... didn't that happen with a communist country? I guess it all turns out the same. Whoever runs everything, gets everything. And that my friend, is the end of a stage/cycle in humanity. Something overpowers, then the people take over, and happens again and again.


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