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  1. it's been quite some time since i've needed you guys, about two months or so. you're all a great community and have always been so helpful and supportive of me so i thought i would let you know how i've been doing. the girl i was fretting over, her and i are dating now and it's been incredible. our two month was on the 22 of feb. we didnt do any thing perticulerly special because we were both...

  2. as far as i can see, you're the closest image to perfection, here and now, hopefully later. i'd sooner us take for ever then rush something that nvr should of happened.

  3. things i see when i look at you.

    Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 1:02 AM 2 Comments

    Letting my mined wonder, imagining things that'll nvr happen, missing people that aren't gone. Its amazing the things my imagined self would do for you, im amazed at the me you've turned me to, you'd be amazed too if you could know the way i knew... See the side of you.. The side that i do.

  4. some nights as i lay there starring into beauty i can;t help but ponder. i wonder will she ever notice how i arrived? my gentle, quiet intrusion into her life. seemingly waveless, virtually seamless. will she realize i never arrived a night in shining armor, i was never the hero in in the hat on his white steed with its flowing main, i was never the crazy wiled rocker who took her to the beat?...

  5. there are so many things i can never say to you... i can't tell you that you're the only person im truly completely comfortable around. when you rest your head on my arm it fills me with chills and makes me feel like im in the most perfect place in the world. when im with you all the madness inside of my heart and mined is stilled. i never get tired of being around you. all my other friends...

  6. some times i wish worse things had...

    Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 12:27 AM 1 Comments

    do we make the choices we do because we need a reason to feel as bad as we do?

  7. Tern the lights down baby, let the room spin. See your beauty for the first time, let the moon light shine off your eyes! I fell in love here baby, felt your skin in our glow. I learned something I should of never Known, met a side of you honey that should of never grown. Tern the lights down baby, let the room spin. Feel the sickness inside, hold me close while it grows!...

  8. My heart is sincerely hurting, my heaving chest is aching. To little Sleep in not enough places, to few smiles on to few faces. I've ran my race, lined my face, fought these battles true. I fought these battles for everyone, not just you. Yours hurt the worst, took me to the edge, leaving me on the brink. "whatever floats your boat", well you just made me sink! I've wasted my...

  9. sick to my stumic... these fake smiles are going to kill me.. im such a selfish bastard, can't stop inflicting this pain that i love so much...

  10. FUCK YOU!

    Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 5:58 AM 3 Comments

    why can't i be good enough?!!! what the fuck makes every one else so much damn better than me? im nvr enough for any one no matter who it is and im so sick of it.. not one damn person can love me and stay with me... im a fucking waist of flesh so god damn replaceable that i don't know why i even fucking bother being here at all... i want to cut the ties, my wrists, my throat. i wanna bleed out...


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