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    On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 8:37 AM, APope said:

    This may come out of the blue which I do apologize for, but it seems we (the fans) might be taking Korn for granted by having them go back to their roots instead of evolving and discovering new things we (the fans ) might like in the future. I mean after all don’t we get tired of the same old thing all the time?
    Yes it’s Korn and we will always love them, no if, ands, or buts. You know your good when you have to put all your hits in avi format to get them on a disc or install a cd changer (oh now we’re talking). I believe Korn should do what they have always done from the start and that’s do what they feel. I mean think about it, hhhhmmmm… have they ever let us down at all just look back on their history. Personally and again who am I? I think can’t think of one time saying oh man this song sucks or anything likes that for a matter of fact. Maybe one day I will hit the lottery and hire them for my personal use and everyone else can be ass out. Well it sounded good to me any way of course. Korn, if guys happen to read this stuff on your sight I would love to party with you guys some time and hang with you on some concert dates.