In the darkness

Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 12:06 PM By: Linksis

I was walking in the middle of the street... It was dark.
Far away where I was, I saw a place, a park. There were people and I can saw my friend, all of them, from the school and my old friends... Everybody were there.
I started to walk to these place, but as I advanced the road started get dark, more and more dark... "What happen? Why it´s so dark?"
I keep walking but I felt fear becuase I can´t see nothing, only the darkness around me. I was scared but I don´t hesitate, I keep walking. In the middle of the road, I found a little light. It help me to cross the road to the end.
When I came, I saw two buses crossing. One frien came to me and asked me why I delay, I told him because the road was too dark. He laugh and he say "That road? It had lights." I looked to the road, it had lights!
Then... Where was I? I never know it...

It was a freaky nightmare...

Thanks all of you for take a time to read it, sorry for my bad English, I will continue to get better, ;).

Take care, :).

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