Korn concert in 2012

Wed, May 22, 2013 at 10:51 AM By: petikee69

There is a big festival in my country called 'Sziget Fesztiv√°l'. It's not only a metal/rock festival, there are other kinds of music, but there is a rock stage, where rock bands can play. It's in every July and last year (2012) Korn was asked to play there.
I was shocked to hear that. But when I realized they are not joking, I thought that I must be there. The tickets on my opinion were very expensive (approximately 65$), but I saved my money and I finally went there.
Without a doubt I can say it worth the money, it was possibly the best concert I have ever been, although I saw Metallica, G3, Scorpions, Slash, etc. live. The band sounded extremely good! It was very, very good. They played songs from the new album, but they also played older songs. It was amazing, breathtaking, extremely outstanding! I can't wait to go to another Korn concert!

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