Korn and me

Wed, May 22, 2013 at 10:29 AM By: petikee69

I didn't always like Korn. When I was young I didn't even know there was a band named Korn.
When I was 10, my parent encouraged me to start playing the guitar. They showed my some great bands and that's when I started listening to rock/metal.
My parents loved Korn therefore my dad gave me a disc with full of Korn's greatest hits. It was featured Coming Undone, Love Song, ADIDAS, Twist, Freak on a Leash, so a lot of great songs. But somehow I didn't like it...I was so stupid.
Then when I became 13 I remembered that once I had a really good CD with some masterpieces on it. I figured out it was Korn but I didn't know which song it was. Then I came across Coming Undone and after I had listened to it once I couldn't escape from it. I had to listen it again and again and again!
Then I started to listen their other songs and now I love all of them. Later I found out that I was searching for Open Up, which is a great song.
Since I had listened to Coming Undone first, Korn became my favorite band of all.

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