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Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 6:24 AM By: USMCDEVILDOG

People always have something to say to make you mad and korn is a huge passion and influence on me and for some reason more than a few times, people say korn would be the same without the guitarist, or everyone likes korn but noone cares about the guitarist? sure the bass over powers everything sometimes to the point where it is more than the drums but thats korns own deal thats who they are and do you have any idea how hard Brian Phillip Welch had to work to complete path of totality? strumming along to a dubstep pace on the guitar is pratically impossible but thats why he is who he is today he worked his fingers to the bone literally.

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    hey, not to knock you or anything, but it's MUNKY not HEAD on TPOT.
    apart from that, i agree. korn wouldn't be the same with any lineup change. *yes, i am saying that korn is definitely different from their five-guy group- but not for good or bad- it just is what it is.* hey, that's why LAPD and Creep weren't Korn! Those guys came together by destiny and the rest was history! It's a team effort!

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