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  1. An Infected Wrist Hurts...Alot

    Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 3:05 AM 6 Comments

    As She Sits With The Barrel Of The Gun To Her head, She Looks Around Her....Not Much Has Changed. Still Scared, Still Vunerable......Still Suicidal. Before She Goes She Decides To Send One Last Message Of Thanks To Her Friends, Telling Them That She Loves Them And That She's Sorry. She Knows She'll Be Hated For What She Is About To Do. An Infected Wrist Hurts..Alot, But She Likes It...

  2. Because I Seriously have No Idea, I've Tried Everything I Think May Work. But I'm Stupid. So It'd Really Help If Somebody Someone Could Help Me Out. I'll Love You Forever :) P.S. There May Be A FAQ But I Don't Know How To Find That Either. See You on The Other Side ~Tsinga

  3. I Has A Kilt..Yes I Has A Kilt

    Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 4:22 AM 6 Comments

    After Looking Aroung For Ages I Finally Found A Kilt.....And It Fit Me. Yay! It Cost Me 150$ But It Was Worth It, I'm So Wearing It To The Next KoRn Show That Rolls Into Town. I'm So Happy I Found One. I'm Gonna Go Draw, Feeling Slightly Bad Due To A Headache, I Always Seem To Draw Better When I'm Fukked Up :) ~Tsinga

  4. Are You Ready To Live?...No

    Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 3:14 AM 4 Comments

    Well What Has Happend Since I Last Blogged? The Answer: Not A Fukking Lot. As I Sit Here Listening To KoRn (as always) And Hitting Myself In The Head With An Amputation Knife, I'm Wondering What To Tell You Guys. How Much Of This Would You Believe. Well I'll Tell You What's Been Going On And You Guys Can Judge For Yourself. First Of all Thank You AGAIN For Welcoming Me So Fondly...

  5. Wow, I AM Becoming A Regular Blogger Here Aren't I? Damn, I'm Trying To Type Quiet So I Don't Wake Up My Mom......It's Not Working Very Well. Well, Today I Got My Hands On Something I've Wanted For AGES. I Bought An Onld 1900's Amputation Knife. It's Fukking Bad-Ass, I Love It. It Goes On Display Next To My Syringe And Fox And Coyote Skulls. If Anyone Knows Where Else i Can Get...

  6. Wow, All I Can Say Is That With A Small Smile I'm Really Happy To See You Guys, All The Support I Got Was Amazing. This Is My New Home, With People As Crazy About This Band As Me. I'm Home :) So Thank You To KoRn And Indeed All You Crazy Mutha-Fukkers Out There Like Me Who Support This Amazing Band :) Love You Guys ~Tsinga

  7. Give Me A Reason To Live....

    Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 2:32 AM 4 Comments

    I Don't Want To Be Alive Anymore, I Don't Want To Play This Game. I Want To Go Home. *sigh* Sorry To Burdern You All With My Bullshit...AGAIN. But I Decided I'll Give Myself A Few More Hours, Or A Few More Days Just To See If a) Anyone Cares About Me And b) If Things Get Better. 'Cause Right Now, KoRn Is The Only Thing Keeping Me Alive. But I Don't Know If I Can Hang On For Much...

  8. Fukk I Love KoRn Fans

    Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 2:39 AM 3 Comments

    Seriously, KoRn Fans Are The Fukking Best People On Earth. I Feel Like I'm In A Family When I Log Onto KoRn's Site. Everyone Is Just So Outward And Proud About Being A KoRn Fan. Of All The Bands I Listen To I'm Proudest To Say 'I'm A KoRn Fan. And I Fukking Love Them' This Site Has The Best Feel To It, I Can Say How Much I Really Do Love KoRn Without Being Called Anything Like 'Fake'...

  9. I Don't Feel Like Me Anymore. I'm Always So Miserable, Even When I Seem To Be Happy And Unpleasent Feeling Kreeps Up on Me. I'm Literally Falling Away From Me. I'm Not The Person I Used To Be. But Then Again I Have No Reason To Be. I Long To Be A Child Again, Happy, Care-free And Innocent. To See The World Full Of Color And Warmth, Not Gray And Cold. I Commited Playground...

  10. LOL, KoRn Is Apparently Satanic.

    Sun, Jul 17, 2011 at 12:55 AM 9 Comments

    Now I'm Pretty Sure I'm Not The Only KoRn Fan To Be Told That I'm Going To Hell Because I Listen To KoRn. I Just Find It Really Funny To be Told I'm Going To Hell Souly For My Choice In Music. Case In Point: I Was Walking Around My Capital City Of Melbourne, Australia Last Week. And I Was Approached By A Preacher And His Evidently Brain-Washed Followers. So This Preacher Decides To...


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