Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 2:47 AM By: TwistedTsinga

Thank You For Making The Music You Do. I Cannot Count How Many TImes I Have Sat And Cried Listening To KoRn On Dark And Lonely Nights Where The Only Thing Tying Me To This Earth Was Your Music.

To Say Your Music Saved Me Is Not Expression Enough. Your Music Gives Me Salvation, Protection And Release.

You Are One Of The Kindest People I Have Ever Had The Chance Of Meeting. You Find Time For Everyone Of Your Fans, Even A Scrawny, Worthless Peice Of Shit Like Myself. When My Family Had No Love For Me, You Were There With Music That Would Calm My Soul And Heal My Broken Heart. Life With KoRn Is The Life I Wanted, The Life Which, If Taken Away From Me Would Ultimatly Lead Me To An Early Death.

For All The Times I Have Attempted Suicide, I Think The Reason I Didn't Die Was Because I Had The Strenght Of Your Words Guiding Me Through The Dark. When I Was Blind You Removed The Cataracts From My Eyes Without Cutting Into My Cornea. You Freed My Vison To See The World Through The Eyes Of One Touched By Words Written In Blood, You Opened My Eyes To See The World As My Own. To Mould It, Sculpt It To Fit An Outsider Cast Aside By Society.

Jonathan, Through Your Anguished Cries Came My Own Screams Of Instability. We Howled To The Poisoned Moon And The Cyanide Stars With Voices Plauged With Insanity And Hatred. Through Your Music I Can Show The World Oblivious That Hate Is What Binds Us, What Makes Us. Because I Will, Because I Can. Because It's The Essence Of All i am.

Without KoRn I Am Nothing, Without You I Am Nothing. The Power And Acceptence I Get From Your Music Is Unique Only To You. The Voice That Creeps Over My Speakers Cradles Me In Gentle Arms And Shelters Me From Hurt, Abandonment And Anger. With KoRn I Feel Safe, With KoRn I Feel Free. The World Doesn't Not, And Probably Will Not, Loose Any Of It's Fear For Me, But At Least When I Listen To KoRn, To Hear You Whispering Sweet Screams Over My Head I Feel As If I Have One To Protect And Hold Me.

The World Is A Cold Place For Me. KoRn Is All I Have. No Love, No Support. Just Like Skrillex, Jonathan, You Help Me In My Darkest Days. When I Think I Can't Go On, When I Feel As If I'm Trapped In This Little Lonely Dark Place, You Come Brandishing A Message Of Love, Acceptence, Support And Most Of All A Feeling Of Relation As Someone Who Understands What It Is To Be Broken And Never Fixed.

It Does My Shcizophrenic Brian Good To Hear Something So Raw, So Pure, So Real Finally Enter My Life And Show Me That It's Nothing But Natural To Feel Lonely, To Feel Sad, To Feel Angry. The Voices Creep Back, But I Scare Them Away With Your Music.

Some People In My Situation Won't Listen To Music Because They Hear Enough Voices. I Listen To Music Because It Gets Rid Of The Voices. How The Voices Confuse And Torment Me. The World Becomes Confusing With Them, But I Retreat To KoRn, And The Voices Receed Into Shrinking Sweet Nothings.

I Cry When I Listen To KoRn, Not Because The nature Of Such Music Upsets me, I Cry Because I Am Holding Something So Precious, So Real, So Special In My Hands, In My Head. The Words Stick With Me As If They Have Been Burnt Into My Memory, Like Little Lights That Flicker On And Off In My Brian To Remind Me Of The Realism Of All The Feelings I Hold In My Broken, Dying, Grey Heart. The Life I've Forged With KoRn Is A Life That's As Real As Any Life Could Be.

Pain Is All I Know, Pain Is All I Feel. But When I Listen To KoRn I Know I Feel Real. As You Yourself Stated Jonathan: 'When You're Depressed, It's Good To Hear Someone Else Hurt Too'
I Agree With That Jonathan, Although It Hurts My Heart To Hear You Cry, I Know You're Doing It Because It's Real, It's Powerful. You Don't Suger-coat Anything And That's What Makes KoRn's Music Unique And Special To Those Who Don't Have A Thing In This World.

Betratyal, Abandonment, Hate And Mistrust Are Not Good Feelings To Be Having. But Unlike The Plastic Faces Of Those Lying Happiness To Themselves Is Something I Never Want To Touch. I Don't Like Hate, But It's The Only Thing I Ever Seem To Feel. Through KoRn I Have Been Tought That Hate Is Natural And That Hate Can Be Turned Into Something So Beautiful That The Murdercute, Mud-Brained, Poisoned People Of This World, Of Which We Seem To Be Over-Run With, Will Never Understand. I Do Get A Sense Of Satisfaction When One Of The Mud-Brianed Puke-Piles I Encounter Recoil In Fear At This Disturbing Sound I'm Exposing Them To.

But To Me, KoRn Is An Intimate Expreience. Something Shared Between Me And You Jonathan. Even Though I Have met Many KoRn Fans, I Still Like The Intamicy Of KoRn And The Sound Of This Music. I Pluck The Words Out One By One, I Analyze Them Ever So Closely And My heart Chooses The Meaning. When I Listen To KoRn, I Listen To My Heart. To Everything It Tells Me. My Brain Knows Confusion, My Heart Knows Pain. Together These Organs Of Mine, Confused, Dazed, Broken, Tired And Weak Are Simutaniously Calmed, Simutaniously Queited By The Sounds Of A Powerful Voice Eminating Through The Speakers. Filling The Room With Tender Protection.

When I Blast KoRn, My Room Becomes My World, Somewhere Where I Belong, It's Unique To Me And Me Alone. The Residents Of This World Number Only Two, The Frightend, Little Girl And This Special Persone Who Fills Her With Hope And Comfort And Safety. When She Hears This Voice, All Other Voices Are Obsileite. She Cares About This Voice And This Voice Alone.

That Special Person Is You Jonathan. I Love You So Much That It Hurts Sometimes To Even Think Of It. There Is Nothing In This World That Could Ever Express How Much I Am In Debt To You, How Much I appreciate All The Things You Have Done For Me.

I'm Gonna Start Crying Soon, So I'll Finish Up. I've Only Said A Tiny Fraction Of What I Want To Say To You. The English Language Numbers Only A Few Words And Until Better Words Are Found All I Can Say Is THANK YOU. Thank You From The Bottom Of My Broken And Scared Heart. Without You I Am Nothing. Without You I Am Dead.
I Seriously Am Gonna Start Crying Real Soon If I Don't Stop :') So I'll Say it Again: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH JONATHAN!

And If You See This, And You Read This. Know That My Heart Loves You As Much As It Can Hold, as Much As It Can Love Someone. What Do You Say To Someone Who Has, And Continues To, Save Your Life?...Maybe You Could Answer That Jon.

I Love You, And I Always Will
Happy 41st Birthday My Dearest, Most Loved Jonathan
All My Love, Forever My Heart

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