Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 8:13 AM By: thorngrub

KoRn's assault on us a coupla months ago hammerblasting thunkfuNk jitteRs SCREAMout lashing bitlip bursting poison foulsprayed blinding venom shrieKrending Catharsis Cacophany smashing your face to a brutal pulp with searing haTred generated in 1 Instant by David's sTep and Fieldy's siGnal UNcoiled on us like a VIPERSTRIKE between the eyes narrowed under bunched muscles Jaws locked-open neck-cordons tauT whiplashing kicks and violent fisthooks senselsess screaming buried in a slamming tidal wave of quick-shifTing current Walls of Sound, puncTuated w/Head & Munky's trade-off marks the Indelible Wind-Up jacK-in-the-boX-gone-HAYwire SQUeeKS!! and ominous slithering-into-dark-recesses of DOOMFUZZ static only to suddenly say to you YOU'RE FUCKED IN EVERY WAY was TESTIFIED by the UNANIMOUS bodyslamming in a Darkness That Seemed Real, you wanna know what's REAL? When I went to this, my 5th koRn show, the black curtains parted revealing stark strobelit hung bodies from the ceiling oh gawd KORN HAD HUNG THEMSELVES--!!!agrghkjh!! OH No stupidfukkers-had-enuff (wait it's just sex-dolls hung from nooses) then TWISt ReeT! and they lashed out sputtering bass thumping mass crowdhysterics Mosh-Hell erupts suddenly a LOST REALITY no way to fight my inner self esteem how low can i go-- after BLIND I worked my way over to the right side near the front stage and climbed up a few steps in the bleachers, to take a break and get an excellent view of the band and was able to closely watch each of the guys in their respective roles.

First there's FIELDY--w/his low-slung bass over wide cut jeans bustin' even lower, a twin-belled cap completed the effect of some kind of giant elf who can KICK YOUR ASS WITH HIS BASS. Then there was DAVID--not so much seen as FELT, a Cheshire-blur eXpertly one Beat ahead of the REst, then you guessed it JONATHAN-IN-YOUR-FACE ScarecRow dementia lookin like a RagDoll gettin shook up in a Wolf's Jaws or a gliTTerZombie hooked into a LiveWire or a Spaz-attacked Dreadnought locked-up FREAK lightning-bolted to a MAD Voltage, Psycho-Babble-Daddy goin' HAYWIRE ON THE MAINSTREAM; all the while grinnin' shadows loomin watching over Standing Guard MUNKY in his one-piece-jammies & brian HEAD sQUELCHin Fed-back spiKes they're tradin' off licks with their Pitchforks shiftin the music to a sKary STOP/ lashing w/PEG-dreads-head-bangin in UNISON three-fingered Anthem Chords ripped out in sonic stitchwork: these parodies of nursery rhymes were given a PROPER WORKOUT, as were we fukkers in the tumultuous piTs. Long Live Korn my favorite musicians. Their banner will unfurl over our cracked skies for a LONG time to come. HAIL KORN--WE LOVE YOU! ~Thorn Grub

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