Jonathan Davis: Sin Jin Smyth (2004)

Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 9:41 PM By: VIRUS

Sin-Jin Smyth

Written and directed by Ethan Dettenmaier, Sin-Jin Smyth stars Jonathan Davis as the title roll as the devil, in his biggest acting roles yet.

Every Halloween at midnight, the devil simultaneously appears in two places, the high plains of India... and a quiet cemetery in Kansas. On November 2nd "The Day of the Dead" two Federal Marshals report to the town of Shin Bone, Kansas (moments before a tornado warning) to transport a prisoner with no past and no identity. He is known simply as... Sin-Jin Smyth!

Davis told The Rock Radio online about his character and what the film is about: "It's a film that I was asked to play the title character, Sin-Jin Smyth.

"It's a movie about the Devil, he appears simultaneously in two different places on Halloween, and basically the movie is these two guys transport me from a prison to another prison, and they don't know that I'm the Devil. It's a horror film, it's pretty cool. You'll enjoy it, it's me being the Devil."


Title: Sin-Jin Smyth
Writer: Ethan Dettenmaier
Director: Ethan Dettenmaier
Produced By: Snapkick Productions
Davis' Role: Sin-Jin Smyth (Devil)
Release: TBA
Runtime: TBA
Certification: TBA

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