Korn: India Tour (2012)

Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 8:24 PM By: VIRUS

Rolling Stone
June 7th, 2012

In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone India, Ray Luzier, the drummer of American metal band Korn, has hinted at the possibility of the band touring India in September this year:
“Yeah I think so; I think there’s a tentative show. I’m not sure of the dates – my manager still has to let me know the dates – but I heard there’s a very strong possibility of us coming in September. Korn’s never been there and I’ve never been to India with any of my past bands so I’m very much looking forward to visiting your country. I hear great things, so…”
Korn released their contentious 10th studio album The Path of Totality in December 2011 that saw the band collaborate with numerous dubstep producers including Skrillex, Noisia and Excision. The album mix of metal and dubstep was a sharp departure from the band’s earlier nu-metal sound, drawing acclaim and strong criticism from fans in equal amounts. Frontman Jonathan Davis also stirred up controversy last year when, in an interview with Billboard, he claimed that Korn had laid the beginnings for dubstep: “We were dubstep before there was dubstep. Tempos at 140 with half-time drums, huge bassed-out riffs. We used to bring out 120 subwoofers and line them across the whole front of the stage, 60 subs per side. We were all about the bass.”

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