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Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 2:56 AM By: thatgirl082000

So I sat around last night watching a shit ton of Korn documentaries, including my old VHS of Who Then Now. I am preparing to give a speech on Korn today for one of my classes. As I watched the videos I realized as a dedicated fan, I had been slacking over the last few years. I have just been wrapped up in my family and education, but in all reality, I have to stay true to the ones who got me through a lot of shit in life. The lyrics that blared out of my speakers was a form of therapy for me, and what the hell, a cassette tape (my first Korn album) or a CD was cheaper than therapy.
Does anyone remember the first time they were turned onto Korn? After long reflection and many trips down memory lane, it finally came to me how i first heard of Korn. It was summer of 1995 and I met this friend Jason, in Ohio, where I was born and raised myself. He played this cassette tape of this band I never heard before, but they sounded o.k. The more we all hung out, the more he proceeded to play this tape, and the more the music grew on me. The more I started to like it, the more he proceeded to tell me. Considering they were pretty new on the market it was not alot, but what he said sold me. He told me that he had seen them at this bar in Toledo earlier in the year and that the show was off the hook, he broke both of his wrists in the pit, and the name of the band was Korn. I was sold, and I have been a Korn kid since. Not to mention the Jason dude, ya he had a crush on me so, ya you know who ended up with the Korn cassette.

I could go on and on with Korn stories, but I will save them for later blogs, for I must finish this speech. However, if anyone from Korn does read this, thanks for releasing two albums on my birthday. The first time was awesome, but the second was fucking amazing. More on those stories later, because yes, there is a story there too.
Take it easy kids and hey, if ya feel like it, take some time and reflect, and answer. How did you first get turned on to Korn ??


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    On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 6:03 PM, cdu said:

    Hey Angie, my experience is a lot like yours. In 95 a friend had a video with Clown, Blind and Faget and also a tape and from there it all grew. I also have "Who then Now" on VHS too, I really dug how you also watched it recently. Good times.

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