Little Sparrow

Sun, May 5, 2013 at 9:51 AM By: Elf3

He said I was worth more than two sparrows....sometimes I feel a sparrow's life should be spared instead of mine. The sparrow has a goal in life, and he achieved it just by being born. He knew what he was going to do in life, and he has no problem with it. He doesn't doubt himself or worry about not getting what he needs. The sparrow's life isn't centered around other sparrows and their needs; it's just him and what he needs to survive.
A sparrow doesn't cry and sit alone in his room at night, feeling so tired and drained of everything. He doesn't have family problems, nor does he ever feel lonely. He doesn't cut himself and take pleasure in the blood. He doesn't try to kill himself with pathetic methods and hope he doesn't wake up in the morning. He doesn't feel guilt at the sight of the cuts when he undresses and wonder if those around him know what's going on.
This little sparrow has been hurt badly...she has been taken advantage of....she has been cursed at, made to feel inadequate. Her mother left her, and her mother is so out of control that her children can't stand her. This little sparrow worries about her siblings so much, and she can't do anything to take them out of their hell.
Little Ms. Sparrow finds hope in something she can't see, something that she doubts sometimes. It hurts her to doubt, and she doesn't know what to do. She's lost hope in people, and she trusts no one, except the One she cannot see. She's about to wreak havoc upon the ones who took what innocence, love, and dreams of happiness she once had. She needs strength, guidance, knowledge, and utter love from the One she cannot see, more than anything. Something's about to bust.

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