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Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 12:07 PM By: Bene Gesserit

Inspired by Nathansdad I decided put on here this thing I wrote two years ago after feeling agonizing mental pain and anguish. I felt like I was heading toward a downward spiral so I forced myself to get up and out of it by first making up my mind on exactly how to do this and why it works. Afterwards I felt loads better and got over the 'ordeal'. I used mostly my intuition and this is what came out.
I want to start writing an idea..the idea of healing. As it is, the conscious act of accepting REAL healing begins the foundation for all inner spiritual movements- that MUST and LOVE- to race onward at flickering speeds; and can only HOPE to be outwardly expressed so to leave its true mark, wherever it fits in the world- which then allows room for the growth of more. The movements grow and multiply (kind er like ameoba do) and get their nourishment from 'YOUR' God's wisdom and your conscious act of allowing and fostering their growth. They mature and NEED to be released- just as spermatazoa do in their quest for recreation. Yes! It is the ACT of accepting the true healing, with total finality, that will get you up and out of the SUFFOCATING well at high speeds. This is the only time time stops long enough for you to right yourself back on the original planned path set by YOUR God by making this single choice. (O'COURSE one must believe in a God or spiritual movements and believe they 'got your back') As it TAKES PLACE, this acceptance awakens maturity VIA a constant stream of conscious wisdom, heard as if whispered gently into your thoughts, and this will be the first notification. In some cases noisy thoughts without substance have been drowning out the divine message due to the nourishment of negativity. In these cases let yourself be keen on letting words or ideas (any word) enter your awareness and ponder or meditate with it. If not this then a feeling of peace will cover your body and ease your mind. Rely on your intuition. The epiphany of where you need to plant your mind will inevitably be revealed. As undoubtedly as this will happen, spiritual movements begin to take their seat within the universe and you now get a chance to experience continuous or spurts of inner peace. * Inner peace is the confirmation of having decided to let transformation take place *. This decision, awareness to wisdom and the change it brings, sets the foundation for the experiential course for your "new life", if you will. But first before you can be completely healed you have to come to terms with what you perceive as having painfully imprisoned you in your well. You must face it head on. You must know that it is imprisonment that you have actually accepted for yourself, even if you are not the actual cause of the crisis or the misfortune that has befel you. You have submitted to the evil force by acknowledging its power as more powerful than you. This begins the gradual sink into a dark depression that is inevitably fed by your own evil thoughts which in turn gives continual praise and nourishment to the evil force. This nourishes the power it has over you and makes it more difficult to escape the many destructive plans it had coming for you. Thus becomes the beginning phase of your mental and physical destruction (not to mention the other lives you will alter if they are not keen on self control) Your life's events have culminated vast knowledge with perceived notions that have been let to run amock, and now chaos, by default, controls how you first 'naturally' deal with a problem. Self control becomes more difficult to accomplish because you are now a prisoner to your fleeting thoughts that produce feelings of unimaginable pain all thanks to the power you have given to the evil force working within you. A mind that has not been so stead fastly in initiating positive action from within or forgot about learned ways to cope and deal will directly result in this. As it happens , unique spiritual movements meant to grow and be released by you become inhibited to a certain degree, ordained by God, and its activity slows but never stops. As you are still alive IT SO is still alive and moving..

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    On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 7:10 AM, Yoki said:

    We R our own gods. Only you can destroy yourself, so only you can heal yourself. love the blog :)

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