Some oooold web sites

Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 2:14 PM By: Sussi

I´m going through some old files and found screenshots of old versions of my web sites. They are pretty low res but fun to look at anyway. I still have all the source files spread out on different cd:s.

I published my first web page in January of 1997. It was only a long page with text and some gif's LOL The only version I don´t have left on file.

This is the second version, from 1998:


I made the graphics and the road sign is built of separate files for each sign and then tables to put it all together. The signs where all clickable.

I also made some web graphics, like buttons, backgrounds and bars, for free download. I still have all of those too, LOL.

This is how the index page of the graphics site looked like in 1998:


In 1998 I started publishing a web site for my sons daycare center aswell. All the teachers, parents and kids liked it. I updated it until my son left the daycare center for school in 2002.


And finally my page from 2000. I was quite good at building the layout with tables back then:


I still have 23 more screenshots of different web sites I have published through the years LOL.

God I feel old now! ;-)

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