The Eternal War: Chapter 2

Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 12:00 PM By: bama_korn1

Chapter 2
A fire roars in the hearth of a mediocre sized room. The walls are painted a light brown. There are a few paintings on the wall from obscure artists. One large map of the earth is centered on one wall with several different pins scattered across it. A man sits at the lone desk at the center of the room. His skin leathery from the years he has existed. His eyes show wisdom and a weariness that only comes from years of stress.
He pulls himself out of his chair and walks over to the map and begins to study it. His fingers trace over Britain and stops on London where a green pin is placed. The word Ferook is scribbled next to it.
“This is where fifty-eight long years of service has gotten me.” He thought out loud.” We are so close to discovering the location of Hell. With that knowledge I could possibly end this war.” He then began to pace the room in a familiar path. The carpet was slightly worn from the pacing over the years.
A light knock sounded from the door and the man stopped in his tracks. “What is it Henry?” he asked expectantly.
“Lance has finally arrived to give his report to you personally. You instructed me to bring him directly to you once he arrived.” Henry stated.
“Of course Henry, go ahead and send him in.” he said as we walked over and sat down at his desk.
“Yes, Master Hill.” Henry replied obediently.
Henry closed the door. Then the door reopened and Lance entered wearing his dark coat and pants and his staff muffled against the carpet. He walked over to the chair opposite to the desk. “May I be seated Master Hill?” Lance asked with his head tilted slightly to the left.
“Of course Lance, and please, no one else is present so let’s drop the formalities.” Master Hill demanded.
“My apologies Faust, but you know how much I do enjoy formalities.” Lance reminded him.
“Yes, I know. It does make me feel much more comfortable when you use my first name though. You are the only one left that I know will. Times are difficult, and it feels nice to have a friend. I can count on you.” Faust said.
“Always Faust. It is nice to reminisce, but I have acquired some valuable information from our demon friend Ferook. It is definitely juicier than the last raid I performed.” Lance explained.
“Really? Go on.” Faust said.
“Ferook was running a rather brutal rape house. I was able to free one girl from there. I erased her memory, but I am sure she will be confused as to how she became nude and completely covered in blood. Better than the alternative, I guess…anyways. I destroyed his “entourage” then faced the demon himself. He could not reveal the secret location of Hell, but he told me of a demon who could.”
“Interesting Lance. Who?” Faust asked.
“Ferook said that Zeffer, the leader of a death camp in Mexico, might reveal its location.” Lance revealed.
“This Zeffer must not have taken the blood oath. That must make him a very high ranking demon indeed.” Faust inferred as he stood and made his way over to the map. His eyes scanned over Mexico. “No Zeffer on the board. This definitely will not be easy.” Faust stated.
“Ferook’s last words confirmed that Faust. He seemed to think it was funny if I tried.” Lance confirmed.
Faust stared quietly at the map for a few more moments. “I will have to plan very carefully. Tomorrow I will deliver this information to the entire council of sitters. Once that is taken care of I will inform you of the plan and your next task Lance. As I am sure you know things will be far more dangerous than usual. I hope you are prepared.” Faust explained.
“I know Faust, but it must be done. If we can put an end to this war, it will be worth any sacrifice I can make. The Devil must die Faust.” Lance stated.
“Yes He must, but I’m still not sure it will work. We know next to nothing about the transition of power. I fear the worst, but I know either way it must be tried.” Faust retorted.
“Do not fear for me Faust. I know we sound crazy, but once I am Devil we can bring peace to Earth for the first time ever.” Lance said with a twinkle in his eyes.
“A human becoming Devil…I guess we are a little insane.” Faust admitted.

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