My Onions on POT.

Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 8:03 PM By: sean106ESP

So if anyone has been reading my posts I really have not been digging the new dubstep KoRn record. (Be warned I will use IMO a lot!).

Not so much that I hate dubstep. (Never heard of the fucking thing until this) I grew up a NYC club kid listening to NY house and techno music. So aside from my love for a full band album; meaning guitars/bass/drums/vox; I have some comments.

I do love old school NYC house/club/techno blah blah blah. But I am keeping this out of the review.

IMO it is like any other album as usual for me. I enjoy about 3-5 songs (except Metallica's AJFA).

I did not buy it as I heard all the streams and already had the crop field show. However tonight I was wandering around FYE and they had the Special I said fuck it....on it. So I popped it into my car CD player. A bit different sounding as at home for recording my "home studio" is juts two big monitors. So I listened to it all the way home.

First off I might as well state what I liked. NC and GU are clearly the winners. I may be a minority here but I really think "Chaos" is a great song and has a great melody. JD's "It all comes back to me" gets me very time. Sanctuary has a wonderful chorus and very melodic.

Now. Not to be any feedback is not negative but all positive in sales any feedback helps u get better. This is not a KoRn record IMO or at least not the KoRn I adore. But a JD solo record. No heavy 7 string riffs tuned down to a low A.....basically most of the material before Head left I mean. No real drums or fieldy slap bass.

I do think Munky writes great riffs and again IMO K III had some kller riffs especially the 1st 3 songs. I always play those on my Apex as they are so much fun. Dunno why they never made Fear is a Place to Live a single........but hey you say tomato I say potato....thanks a language thing inn't? :)

So Musically......I think it is a good record and many will enjoy. I won't simply like it because it says KoRn and I am no JD fanboy. More of a Munky fanboy when it comes to being a guitars and wish I could (and please don't rag on me that you all hear Munky fine.....please.....the dubstep stuff overpowers everything on this record. I would love to hear this record with just guitars/bass and drums). If we were not recording my bands next record I would download all the stems and try to mute most of the dubstep stuff to see how it would sound just guitars bass and drums. But have not done so and may not have the time if my drummer dicks out on next weeks drum tracking LOL.

Is it ground breaking? Not really as Sir Munk has stated and we all know other bands have mixed synth/keys/techno with guitars. But overall a good record that will probably sell a ton and make them a lot of money. So kudos for them. According to Head's lats interview on KS......they split like 25 or 45 I forget......million for new albums right before Head left.

I just got this bad feeling (as Lt. O'Neil said in Platoon).......I hope this is not the future for them and again IMO...........could lead to a band break up as this seems to be JD's baby. I have friends that live in Long Beach Ca and know them. They said local insider people are not happy. But what does that mean?? Nothing for us. Just a gauge on how locals who know the band feel about this "new" direction" .

So all in all of my babble......enjoy it....I like a few tracks. I am just sentimental and miss my KoRn IMO with guitars bass and drums.

Gotta plug Tallica.......want lyrics and killer riffs??? Listen to and buy "Just a Bullet" which was left over from the Death Magnetic sessions. Wanna talk about emotions??? Listen to that song about how selfish it is to want to kill yourself. I think Jaymz said it was about Layne from Alice In Chains. Those are fucking lyrics which I normally don't listen to that much, But for Jaymz to write a song about how suicide is elfish is fucking bad ass. Fade To Black is one of my all time favs.........but this song is so much more angry and kinda the vibe I get is that it is selfish to commit suicide. His lyrics egg on some one to suck one the barrel of a 45 and then the repercussions


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    On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 7:56 AM, bayley said:

    I agree with everything you said!! And iI'm more of a Munky fan too.

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