Things I'd say and have said.

Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 12:12 PM By: Stephen ll

To my father:

Would say: Your life is a lie. Every time i ever said sorry what i really meant was you should be rotting in some hole for destroying our family. You held my mom at gun point, choked my sister, made me spy on my mom told me it was for my own good. i wish that day before easter you had been dragged to jail on your knees through dirt which deserves life more than you do. how dare you do the things youve done and ask me to lie. I love you dad, but when you die i want to burry you myself.

What i do say: "nothing"

To my mother:

Would say: I realize, mom that you never abused us. But this family being torn apart was just as much your doing as it was my fathers. 11+ years we spent being told lies about our parents. You told just as many as our shit dad did. Your not as innocent as you make your self sound. I hope someday you can forgive yourself.

What i do say: I love you.

my closest friends:

Would say: I need you.

What i do say: Thank you.

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