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Title explains it all! What's your favorite KoRn line? These are my personal favorites and I was going to do atleast 2 or 3 lines for each song but then I realized, that's a shit ton of songs lol! So I just did 1 line for each one to make it faster! It was hard too, because obviously I love the full song so to only be able to chose one specific part was hard! And forgive me if I forgot any, some I didn't do purposely like Daddy, that song is just too weird, and then the two songs that were bashing Head, also feels weird now that he is back so it was out of respect!

4u - "I could have never lived, if it wasn't for you!"

10 or A 2 Way - "Treasure deep between the places that you hold dear"

A.D.I.D.A.S - "It doesn't bother me cuz I will always be the pimp that I see in all of my fantasies"

Alive - "Once I died, now I'm alive!"

All In the Family - "You look like one of those dancers from the hanson video you little fagot hoe!"

Alone I Break - "Now I see the times they change, leaving doesn't seem so strange"

Am I Going Crazy - "Nothing is right! I'm so scared!"

Appears - "It throws me a life raft, then leaves me out at sea!"

Are You Ready to Live? - "You think you feel me, you think you knowl me cuz I'm the hell in your head!"

Ass Itch - "I hating writing shit, it is so stupid!"

Ball Tongue - "You're a psycho monkey!"

B.B.K - "Every time I reach for love, it's taken away!"

Beat It Upright - "Don't pretend you're not fucking freaky baby!"

Beg For Me - "I just know one day I won't give up!"

Bitch, We Got A Problem - "Was I the beast that sucked into you, a real dark bitch down inside of you!"

Blame - "So I thought you'd disappear, being alone is what you feared!"

Bleeding Out - "Anything you ever do will eat you up and impale you!"

Blind - "AREEEEE YOUUUUUU REEEEEEAAAADDDDYYYYY!!!!!" *classic right here*

Bottled Up Inside - "Cuz I will break, sometimes I wish you'd die!"

Break Some Off - "My fate is not going to wait this time!"

Burn the Obedient - "A hopeless fantasy that nothing changes, your misery!"

Camel Song - "Going on this way, free you'll never be!"

Cameltosis - "Emotional masturbation, fuckin with my love, fuckin with my life, fuckin all of the above!"

Chaos Lives In Everything - "Trapped inside a dream, it all comes back to me!"

Chi - "We enter in my head, feeling like I'm god"

Children of the KoRn - "Catch me if you can, fuck the law with my dick in my hand!"

Clown - "I don't run around, trying to be what's not within me!"

Coming Undone - "Since I was young I've tasted sorrow on my tongue!"

Counting - "I can't bare to face what's growing in my head, please get away from me!"

Counting On Me - "Always hoping I'll be there for all of your problems in turn you're never there me!"

Dead - "It seems funny to me, how fucked things can be!"

Dead Bodies Everywhere - "You want me to be, something I can never ever be!"

Deep Inside - "Stuck in this place where I can't escape!"

Did My Time - "Inside, where do I begin, my mind is laughing at me!"

Dirty - "I hurt so bad inside, I wish you could see the world through my eyes!"

Divine - "I'm only out to prepare you, for when you stop and turn around! Your body's going down!"

Do What They Say - "Blunt your knife, pull the curtain! Impulses you must refrain!"

Eaten Up Inside - "Give me the morphine and I'll go asleep! As I dream, maybe I will just slide away!"

Embrace - "Taking something for nothing! Watch me as I fall!"

Everything I've Known - "Our loved turned into hate, but we stayed by each others side!"

Evolution - "And I, I do not dare deny the basic beast inside! It's right here, it's controlling my mind!"

Faget - "If you were me what would you do, nothing probably. You'd just throw me away!"

Fake - "I think being a person relies, only on one thing, be yourself. Let you come through!"

Falling Away From Me - "You flirt with suicide, sometimes that's okay! Do what others say, I'm here standing hollow!"

Fear Is A Place to Live - "Fear is a place to live, rip off the mask from your head! Show me the real face that you hide!"

For No One - "Sub woofer kickin in! Porn on the T.V. screen! These spinning rims don't go no faster!"

Freak On A Leash - "Life's gotta always be messing with me, can't they chill and let me be free!"

Fuels the Comedy - "Feel that your superior, I feel your just plain absurd!"

Get Up - "Itching is the pulse inside, creeping out to come alive!"

Getting Off - "Licking your own skin, so trippy! Squeezing your own ass, so pretty!"

Good God - "In the sea of life your just a minnow, live your life insecure."

Got the Life - "Hate, something, sometime, someway, something kick on the front floor!"

Hating - "So why can't I replace, feelings I find hard to really find!"

Haze - "Tortured my soul is black as pitch and I have no life to waste!"

Here It Comes Again - "Trying so hard to get ahead, failure is often where I'm lead!"

Here to Stay - "You've taken everything and, oh, I cannot give anymore!"

Hey Daddy - "You pick me up when I am down!"

Hold On - "It's a sickness, it's a weakness in the gene pool!"

Holding All These Lies - "Dying is a trial I've been too, this is the time for truth and pain!"

Hollow Life - "Death may come, peace I have found. What to say, am I alive or have I died?"

Hushabye - "And I hate to tell you too exchange your dreams for a one way ticket no return!"

Hypocrites - "Weeping rose of Jeremiah, drops of blood drip off your petals!"

I Can Remember - "Why can't you see me for who I am. We're human don't forget that!"

I Will Protect You - "Sorry for the space if I could fill a void an ocean wouldn't hold the love!"

I'm Done - "I'm done being there for others, they have their pain and so do I!"

I'm Hiding - "These faces taunting me I'm looking back and they are mine!"

Illuminati - "The culprits won't be found, they hide behind the mask of wealth."

Innocent Bystander - "You must be silent to increase the volume, in your head! Blood run red!"

Inside Out - "I watch the pulse beneath your skin! Sometimes I wish I could crawl right now!"

It's Gonna Go Away - "We all crumble, we crumble under pressure!"

It's Me Again - "I am the antidote for whatever sickness you feed!"

It's On - "You see it's my fault, angels stabbing me inside!"

Justin - "I wish I had your strength! Inside your soul escapes!"

Kick the P.A. - "To fly away from this pain, please take away, please take away my P.A!"

Kill Mercy Within - "I'm feeling like I'm alienated from my own and I will not be made to feel we are sealed in a fake charade!"

Kill You - "Now these memories, fill my heart, they bury me!"


Kiss - "Cry and talk about the good old days and where they've gone; and now how much I hate you!"

Last Legal Drug - "It's true, what they say fuck it boy, love might be the last legal drug!"

Layla - "Built up all this rage, trapped inside some cage! While she sits and smiles!"

Lead the Parade - "This curse is my own, it follows me home. Like a child that wants to play!"

Let the Guilt Go - "Now we waste our lives away, letting guilt lead the way!"

Let's Do This Now - "Through your face my fist will plow!"

Let's Get This Party Started - "See a family walking, always thinking of being somewhere else in time!"

Let's Go - "What's the problem why can't you relax!"

Liar - "It's not wrong to let go and let the woman ride you!"

Lies - "My life is ripping your heart out and destroying my pain! GO!"

Lost - "Feeling uptight, always the same fight!"

Love Song - "Head stone for the broken hearted!"

Make Believe - "Pain from the start, all my dreams are ripped apart!"

Make Me Bad - "I am watching the rise and fall of my salvation."

Move On - "Feeling out of place, something must be wrong. Emotions I can taste, tight grip holding on!"

Mr. Rogers - "Boomerang, zoomerang, doomerang, up!"
*I know I'm not the only one that loves the beginning lol*

My Gift To You - "Your heart stops beating, black orgasms!"

My Wall - "Falling awake in a nightmare, images of horror abound!"

Narcissistic Cannibal - "And you're so cynical, narcissistic cannibal!"

Need To - "Skin cold with fear, feel it when we touch!"

Never Around - "Hate is all around, if you see what I see!"

No One's There - "You and me we have no faces soon our lives they'll be erased!"

No place to hide - "I see your faces and I do not understand why each time I dream your standing there, right by my side!"

No Way - "It feels like something, no it's....nothing!"

Oildale - "Nothing but a heretic sucking the life out of me, fucker you're gone without me! HA!"

Once Upon A Time - "Feeling like I'm on a plane that's going down!"

One More Time - "Falling slowly like a dream, falling through a world unseen!"

Open Up - "Choking you gently, gaining control, hand you the shovel to dig your own hole!"

Overture or Obituary - "My house is made of steel with paper for doors!"

People Pleaser - "Why don't we love each other, constantly beating others down!"

Play Me - "Several try to disguise the devil in them wanting to get into my cerebellum but I'm ready and willing to tell them I can't F with em!"

Politics - "You want to sleep with him to get to who you need to know!"

Pop A Pill - "Feeling things crawl on me, I need my fix today!"

Predictable - "Who are you to say, that I can't speak what's on my mind!"

Pretty - "Skin so cold, how, could someone steal your life!"

Proud - "You took no pride in me, but now I'm your everything!"

Reclaim My Place - "Something I can never SLAP, but I embrace!"


Sanctuary - "Feeling animosity, when no one else is around!"

Sean Olsen - "You expect to grab a child, you think I'm innocent not wild!"

Seed - "Like some god damn fucking freak, I'm so pressured, I'm so weak!"

Seen It All - "I'm the logic to the fuck up, I'm the broken one who fixed it!"

Shoots and Ladders - "Nick nack, pattie whack, give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home!"

Sing Sorrow - "Do you fear you'll never feel, what it is to be at peace!"

Somebody, Someone - "Giving you this and that, giving getting nothing back!"

Souvenir - "Why does everybody have to fit in, you should feel comfortable in the skin."

Starting Over - "Happiness is boring, need pain instead!"

Swallow - "Freak! Punk ass sissy I'm a freak!"

Tearjerker - "As I sit here frozen alone, even ghosts get tired and go home!"

Tension - "I'm fucking tripping out seeing faces, of murders covered in lye!"

The Past - "Love without affection, is hate without the pain!"

This Broken Soul - "Arms growin cold, nowhere to run, no one to hold me!"

Thoughtless - "Thumbing through the pages of my fantasies!"

Throw Me Away - "Should I assume, that someone hears me when I pray!"

Too Late I'm Dead - "In this vicinity it's a strange retribution to be lying here so close to what I despise!"

Trapped Underneath the Stairs - "Remember who you are, there's nothing you can do!"

Trash - "Why do I have a conscience, all it does is fuck with me!"

Twisted Transistor - "The world ain't fair, eat you if you let it!"


Wake Up - "You are my brothers, each one I would die for!"

Wake Up Hate - "We got a fucked up reason to live who really gives a fuck, we're gonna wake up hate, we're gonna fuck you up!"

Way Too Far - "Irrational feeling, I just try to hard cause what goes up must come down!"

When Will This End - "I feel I'm here so you can play with my head!"

Wish You Could Be Me - "YOU FUCKIN PUSSY!"

Ya'll Want A Single - "Ya'll want a single say fuck that, FUCK THAT, fuck that, fuck that, FUCK THAT!"

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    i have a lot XD

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    OMG, wow that's alot of work you put in this blog! My alltime favourite is "feeling like a freak on a leash" because well, .. i do. :)

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    One of them has to be from the "Life is Peachy" Cd on the Song "Good God"... i Love when Jonathan Davis screams "Why don't you get the Fuck outta my Face, Nowww"

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    Are you sure you done enough? There will be some NEW stuff to add to that soon. Cool.=)

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    all this songs ;)

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