Connections to SuGarFree

Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 6:37 AM By: Sunset_Tahoe

"Connections To SuGarFree"

My heart aches every time that you tell me that you are depressed. I feel terrible because I wish I could do so much more for you and you rely on me so much. You are my greatest friend, I never want to let you go. But the things are changing, and I can't do much for myself or much more for you. Sometimes I wish you weren't so reliant on my advice, but I owe you a lot because I have asked a lot from you and you have done many good things for me. I see it though. We both need each other the most. This is kind of a test of our friendship. And I think that we have passed it well because we still talk to each other and we trust each other a lot with many things. I promise to never hurt you again. I will do what I can do while I still have time. My love and caring for you will never go away. Even though you are going thru this bullshit now you are still like an older brother to me. We all need help at times. I'm sorry for all the things that she has done to you. You need to move on though. I understand that you still have feelings for her, but still she most likely does not have the same feelings for you. I have never seen you this way. I believe it is because of her that you are this depressed. It would be best if you just cut ties with her instead of bringing yourself down with your fantasy of being with her still. She's young and stupid and isn't really mature enough to have someone as awesome as you are :). I wish this never happened but still you got me though. Shit happens man. I also know that you are probably scared about graduation and being alone after we part ways. You will always be in my heart. If we ever meet again. I hope we can like actually hang out sometime over the weekend. We have nothing better to do. Idk... Idk what we would do without each other. What also breaks my heart is to know that you only have me as a good friend to rely on and you lost a lot of other friends due to whatever circumstances there were. I remember that forward that my friend Brittany sent me saying "Send this '

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