The love I had..

Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 6:02 AM By: Sunset_Tahoe

Another thing I wrote about what happened to Justin.

These feelings I had for you. They've gone so long ago. So ruined. So tainted. My soul became… Your win. My defeat. You have raised the devil inside me! You raped my feelings. You fucked me up with your deceitful lust. I wish I never met such a dirty whore like you. I love you. And all you did was use me! The fury. The anger. Hate. Pain. Disgust. Murder. It all fills my mind. I feel only an empty void in my heart. This is the price you pay! This is my gift to you. From the bottom of my blackened heart. My darkened soul. You turned my heart to ash. I pick the pieces up and now it is nothing but a black rock of coal. Where my heart used to be. I look into your eyes. Full of bullshit. The only thing I feel is the hatred I want to unleash on you. My eyes bleed with pain, but when I'm done with you, I will only feel the dark triumph of taking your soul and ripping it apart. Look into my eyes. Do you see it? If you don't, you will certainly feel it!! I will unleash my power of hate on you. You will not die in peace. You will burn in my hell of what you put me through. I hate every part of you now… I want to see you screaming as I dig my claws into your skin and to rip you apart… Slowly… I taste your blood… Delicious, because I am the one that hurt you now! Your face I burn. Your screams I muffle. Your eyes I rip out. Your soul… I take, and eat it away!! The sizzling and searing of your skin is music to my ears. Satan is on my side now. Surely you will pay for your sins and tragedies… So long my love. To never see you again… >:)

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