Feelings I hate..

Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 6:09 AM By: Sunset_Tahoe

This is about someone who played my bff Justin and fucked him over bad

I'm looking down upon you, watching you play your games of lies. Your sick twisted ways are poison to the ones I used to love. Now that they are gone and I am the only one left, I will avenge their lost souls. I saw them all die around me and now I feel alive because of the pain you caused! You've had your share of innocent souls to steal only to he tainted by your hellish ways. Now it's my turn to play my own game of life and death with you. I will open your eyes and make you feel the lies you told. Pain. Pain you caused me. And the others. I will take them back and make you feel their confinement under your spell of ugly lust. You created this place and now the beast of hate is awakened, it will destroy you for good. Choke on the words of hatred I speak. Scream to the pain of me taking everything you don't deserve. I'll take what's mine and there will be nothing that will be left if yours. I will sodomize you with the weapons used to kill the ones I loved. You don't deserve to feel love. You only deserve the vengeance I make your weak soul bear. Fear of me forevermore! You make me feel insane! Take these words I spit in your face and swallow this jagged pill of your satanic rage on helpless souls you took. You have gone on long enough. Now I will finally cut you down to the nothing you are. Your flesh burning... Your blood curdling screaming... Your mask getting ripped away from your putrid face... I will laugh when I am done. And I will be thanked in the future >:)

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    On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 2:49 PM, cdu said:

    That is full on!

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