A dear friend

Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 7:25 AM By: Sunset_Tahoe

Sorry for this entry being too long but I just wanted to express something that I have had for a long time and will probably never find again

Please enjoy! :)

Ahhh. I would say that I am pretty to have Justin as my best friend. I sometimes wonder why we are friends... Our friendship is mysterious to the rest of the world but to us it is what keeps us together. Idk how we do it but we do it just fine. I remember when we met our freshman year and we happened to be in the same study hall. We had a lot of things in common. We loved cracking each other up with stupid jokes and secretly make fun of each other and others around us. We didn't talk to any one else all we did was just go into room 310 and screw around on the computers and play computer games against each other.  It was so fun then... We kinda departed our friendship sophomore year because we didn't have any classes together and we rarely saw each other but for some crazy reason you kept me alive. But I'm not really going to go into detail my horrendous sophomore year. Junior year was interesting because at the beginning of my first semester I didn't have a study hall because I really didn't need one, but when september came I had dropped my b2 class period because I hated it. When I walked in to my new study hall I found kind of a long lost friend. He was sitting there with some other kid that was in his b1 class and in my b3 class. He became the laughing stalk and the ass of all our jokes. Then came november when I got my first KoRn cd and I was showing it off to Justin but then that became an everyday thing and we made this currently crazy and extremely inappropriate inside joke about it. Also in october we were extremely bored with our selves and defied to guess each others phone numbers. He got mine and I got his. So we started texting each other every day becoming closer and closer than we have ever been before. We began to have a crush on each other but we never got a chance to date which is a good thing cuz then I would be laid up in a grave right now not writing this story. Time passed on and the text message convos got deeper and deeper and that is when we really got to know each other very well. We talked throughout the summer and thar was a time for deep bonding in between us. I came to the point of trusting him with things that I don't normally tell other people. He lifted my spirits when I was down and I did the same for him when he was feeling sad, which was a rarity. Then school started back up and we were really glad to see each other again even though it seemed like we saw each other every day. But a very horrible thing had happened between us and it was my fault. I became extremely depressed and became jealous of him because of my sever depression diagnosis. I took my anger out on him and told him many horrible things. We stopped talking for 2 weeks and a week before my 17th birthday I couldn't take the pain of no longer talking to him, I was hanging in between a thread of life and death. I missed his presence and his jokes dearly and all of it just stopped. That was the only thing that lifted my spirits up because I had no one else around me. I went to him and apologized deeply and he accepted it and he also didn't want to not be friends either. It took time to heal from that and for us to regain the trust back that we had before. Recently he had been through some tough times himself and came to me for help back in January and I thought that was the perfect opportunity to give back to him for all that he has dome for me. This is the time where we need each other the most and even though we may get pissed at each other every now and then, at the end of the day we are still best friends. I hope we can stay friends for as loong as we can.

Also he is a bit antisocial so he tends to cling to me the most because he is afraid other humans around him ;)

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    On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 10:58 AM, Sleazy Violet said:

    That's a really cool story. I once had a friend like that. Exactly the same situtation, but then it became too complicated and we decided it will be better to stop talking to each other. Well, I decided for both of us, but I think he thinks the same. I annoy him and he annoys me. We're like two neatives. Then again, it hurts as hell when I think about having to see him everyday but not being able to talk to him and mess around like we used to.

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    On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 2:51 PM, cdu said:

    Cool, thanks for sharing this

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