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    On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 4:00 PM, faceless2nameless said:

    everyone has a reason for what they do. we are who we are and nobody has the right to destroy your right to live. you are someone important no matter how useless you may look at yourself at time we all have to go through shit but it is the way we transform that experience into a lesson learned and a way to appreciate our lives more in the end.. i may never exactly say that "i have been in your shoes" because that would be a lie.. nobody knows your kind of insight but you.. BUT what i can say is that i have been there, when you can't fall asleep or when you get paranoid of something, i even FEEL myself changing into someone else my double self might just seem to times itself and now i feel the different sides of me.. and yeah it can be taunting with everyone "seeming" like they are to get you but you HAVE to secure your ground.. know who you are even if there might be many of you.. and no one is perfect but no one is imperfect either.. your inner self counts wayyy more than anything it is the thing we treasure the most .. and if you ever need someone to just hear you out i'll be here.. i too felt the same way as you have many times but the best i could say it to "kill" the part that you yourself dont like.. not the wonderful person you are as a whole but the side of you that you feel is dragging you down.. we are all a working progressive but we got to put the effort to have the outcome that we hope to seek :)

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    On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 8:35 AM, Killroy said:

    i've been instatutionalized and it was shit. they told me what i already knew. we are who we are and as fucked up as we might be we're the best at being us. i know i'll never understand everything and i'm not trying to say i know what you are going threw, it's clear i don't but if you ever need to talk i'm here. i've been threw.. things that might help me relate atleast a little. if you're thinking of leaveing this world behined send me a message and give me a day to answer it. i'm not always the best at checking this sight but there will be people you hurt more teariubly then you could of emagined if you do leave. i wonder every time i see myself y any one talks to me, y i have friends. i know i'm not atractive, i know i'm not good enough for any one. these things have been made quite clear to me, but i know that no one else can fill that void of not being enough as well as i can. you have perpose and you matter. i don't know you but i care about you because i know something of you. you're worth the efort.

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    On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 12:19 AM, Anomaly said:

    hmm, have you ever taken MBTI personality test? its quite accurate if your having trouble finding yourself ;)