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Sun, May 20, 2012 at 7:52 AM By: kyleoftheyear

May 10th, 2012. It was the first time in about 7 years that Korn had played Starland Ballroom. Personally my favorite venue here in NJ as it is roughly 15 minutes from my new apartment, not only that but I've been attending concerts here since 2006. So the stage was set, my girlfriend & myself headed out and were ready for a great night, and that's exactly what we got. I have to be honest, we were not into J-Devil at all. I'm happy to see Jon branching out and trying something new, it's not something I'm into. And the second opener was trying so hard to win over the crowd by sampling media from popular Lamb Of God & Slipknot songs. By the blank expressions on our faces and very little movement in the crowd I think he understood how we felt.

Finally after what seemed like eternity, KoRn hit ths stage and we hit the floor. Opening the show with tracks from Life Is Peachy & Korn including a thunderous performance of Good God. The lights went low and they began their setlist portion of The Path Of Totality. Chaose Lives In Everything, Narcissistic Cannibal & Way Too Far had the crowd moving but nothing set the crowd into a frenzy like Get Up! The crowd ate it up and hung on every word like they wrote it themselves. Later breaking out Here To Stay, Freak On A leash, Got The Life, Another Brick In The Wall & Shoots And Ladders flowing wonderfully right into Metallica's One. An incredible solo from Ray drove them right into Blind to wrap up the show. Absolutely incredible performance, the best I had witnessed since the departure of David & Head. I have finally embraced Ray as a member of the band. Not that he had to proove anything to me, it's just that David's departure was a huge blow to me and I couldn't see anyone replace him. Ray fits perfectly.

The very next day I was on a plane to Miami for The Marlins weekend series against The Mets. Taking the series 2 outta 3 I was satisfied with the two wins against our division rival. Surprisingly there were alot of Mets fans in downtown Miami.

And it was at Miami Airport that I made a discovery. After almost 10 years of avoiding and ignoring them as a band, I finally embraced Stone Sour. I am an enormous Slipknot fan, have been since 1999. And I know Stone Sour came first, but when Stone Sour re-emerged and Corey Taylor took on a role of clean vocals and acoustics I felt he dumbed down Slipknot with the elements of Stone Sour. When Volume 3 was released I remember saying "Stone Sour ruined Slipknot". Slipknot had become a household name over night where as 5 years prior I was bullied and judged for my love for Slipknot. What the hell happened? Stone Sour. I admit never listening to Stone Sour before a week ago so it was unfair to judge. Well after some convincing from my cousin, I bought Come What(Ever) May for the flight home and was already in love with it halfway through. Before we had landed I already made up my mind I needed more. The following day I bought their other two albums and embrace the band as a part of Corey Taylor's legacy.

Stay (S.I.C.)

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