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    On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 12:07 PM, Wind Dancer said:

    Wow! Can I be your friend outside of KoRn? We all need money. I am joking I am not user. I am happy for you! :)

    I hope KoRn comes back to Colorado, thought about driving to Dallas for the show, but declined due to the camping trip I have planned next month, which would really take away from this. I am needing to escape up to Rocky Mountain Majesty to dance in the wind. Revival Survival basically. Not that KoRn does not provide this for me, Kashmir (Hummer) has an excellent stereo system, I will be listening to KoRn, letting my hair down, not caring about anything, but solely releasing my inner soul out into the wild. Nothing better, well there is, but I will not be feeling him for a little while longer. The man whom I love like I have never loved before (Yeah, to those who read my post sometime ago-this love is real, I am giving our love a chance rather than thinking from my past-he is different).

    Funny, rewinding back in my mind. In 1999 I left my homeland; Colorado, moving miles away, leaving on a Greyhound Bus with only a backpack and duffle bag, which took a lot of courage/determination, leaving my husband (no doubt, is ex now) whom I loved a lot, but he wanted to stay true to Crystal Meth, I wanted change, I wanted something better for myself. Spontaneously, I awoke one morning and said goodbye to meth and to the man I loved, and to my children who desired something greater for me too, they wanted their mother back. (I have been meth free since 1999 with a brief relapse in 2006)

    Ten years later, I came back in a big bang; driving a brand new car that only had 11 miles on it when I bought it, loaded to the brim with stuff I did not want to part with. I also came back with an education. Most of all, my children forgave me for hurting them and with the thought 'we have the most amazing mom,' I battled demons and won. Finding me! :)

    I was never to exceed; friend, even family were blown away, and continue to be blown away, because I continue to makes goals for myself, working towards them.

    Yeah, crack a smile, because they do want to see you fall, My life is so much better without them. I would not be where I am today if they were still in my life.

    Spend wisely and happily! :)