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Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 6:09 AM By: Kornistik

Well it was about time I revealed which of the KoRn albums really became a favourite over the years. Truth be told, it was Follow The Leader which introduced me to KoRn, and one or two tracks from Life Is Peachy as well. But ever since the release of Issues, it has become one of a small handful, along with Follow The Leader, I can listen to from start to finish. Some people may have seen it as KoRn's first move away from their "true" style, but I would, and will, always beg to differ. Issues, I believe, portrayed them at their peak and prime. Some of their best songs have come from this album, and I would safely assume, like many others, the favourite would unanimously be "Make Me Bad".

Not only that, JD's vocal style had started broadening further at this point, and proved again just how briliant he actually is. And I do love the transitions between some of the songs, for eg. "4U" and "Beg For Me", the anticipation is always there once "4U" finishes. And "Hey Daddy" and "Somebody Someone" is similar as well. I believe the trick behind getting people to listen to your music is if the album can be interesting for the entire time, and adding extra sounds and things between songs is a good way to do that. And once again, Munky and Head got it down pat with the guitars, coupled perfectly by Fieldy's funky slap-bass style, and the drum beats, albeit laid down by David Silveria, but awesome nonetheless. Kudos to Ray Luzier for being able to play it just as awesomely live, as it is still such a treat to hear. I must say though, I was a little disappointed that we didn't hear "Make Me Bad" at Soundwave, but oh well, "Falling Away From Me" and the "Somebody Someone" thing more than made up for that.

When I first had the album, it came with the All Mixed Up bonus CD, which features, of course, Jingle Balls, everyones favourite KoRn Xmas song, and an awesome live version of "Twist" and "Chi" from Life Is Peachy, as well as the censored version of "A.D.I.D.A.S." and a remix of "Good God" from the same album, and a remix of "Got The Life" from Follow The Leader. And as we all know, KoRn had held a competition to create a cover for Issues, picking one winner and three runners up and releasing all four initially, and a fifth, very rare Eurocover (which I did manage to get my hands on recently).

I have been listening to this album as I have been writing this. Love all the sounds and beats and how they all come together so well. I still get goosebumps listening to Issues, so good

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    On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 8:15 AM, jayjay said:

    Hi & hope your well. I have said this a few times to different people, & it all started with me with the album "Follow the leader". This girl I new about 10 years ago gave me that CD, & she said it wasn't working(we all know now, that you have to skip to 13, to get a song), So put it on & it had "Freak on a leash" on it( All thanks to SCUZZ music channel) &that was the CD that got me into them, & I totally agree with you with, the "Untouchables" CD, Which to date was there best & I still worship today!
    The other album which stands out for me is "See you on the other side" mainly because I was entering a " Paradigm Shift" of my own then!! But will save that for another day. =)

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