Well, I really never know what to write in these "About Me" sections. Ummm, been listening to KoRn since I was 14 when they hit it big with their Follow The Leader album. After listening to that album over and over again I went out and bought the previous albums, and have followed them faithfully since.
Been through some really rough times in my life and their music has always brought me back and given me the strength to keep pushing forward.
Last year I decided that KoRn was never going to be downgraded from the position of my favourite band, so I designed my own tattoo with their logo, and implemented the words from Twisted Transistor into the tattoo as well.

"A Lonely Life, Where No One Understands You. But Don't Give Up, Because The Music Do."

Those lyrics mean the most to me as I have played piano since I was 4, began playing guitar and singing at 12, and have picked up random instruments (clarinet, flute, bass, drums, sax, fiddle) since. I'm a music teacher specializing in vocal, guitar and piano instruction and am also in 2 local bands (both with a fellow KoRn lover) and I run a very successful DJ business with my father.

That's about it for me....anything else you want to know then shoot me a line. =)

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    On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 5:36 PM, Faust said:

    You seem like a super ineresting person. Do you teach music in a school, and if so, what grades do you teach to?
    Where Can I hear your music? I live in the great country of Texas, so I really think that going to Canada is out of the question....for now.
    Live Long, and KoRn always

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