well my name is Katie and I love KoRn and nothing but KoRn and never will stop loving KoRn im always going to be a huge fan of them no one cant tell me to stop liking them or tell me that I cant like them I will ALWAYS and FOREVER love KoRn and be a fan of KoRn they are the best band ever. Jonathan Davis is my most favorite out of them he is a great singer and has a great voice and he is the most handsomest and most sexiest man ever he is always my #1 favorite person of KoRn. I love going to their concerts i seen them 6 times and my brother took me to my first KoRn concert for my birthday when i was 16 in 2006 and my brother also got me into KoRn cuz he had a KoRn CD and i just thought wow a band called KoRn weird and the first song i listened to was BLIND and i loved that song then i heard HEY DADDY and i loved that song to cuz of the end when JD cries and just started loving KoRn since then and in the lyrics also relates from my life i can find anything in a lyrics that is about my life or what happens I just love listening to them and watching them play and they do so much for their fans and they love their fans and they play for their fans ~~~"Our Fans Make The Band. What They Give We Give Right Back. They're An Integral Part Of Us. They ARE Us." --Jonathan Davis~~~ So thats why they call me a "KoRn FREAK" cuz I am one I have nothing but KoRn in my room I have everything of KoRn (not all but some) and they are the only band I really ever listen to (I listen to others to) some people think Im crazy for being sooo obsessed with KoRn but I dont care what they say I am who I am Im a KoRn FREAK and a KoRn FAN. I love everything about KoRn and JD. I love KoRn's music. I love Jonathan Davis because I love his voice and his smile he has the most wonderful smile ever and I love his laugh he has such a cute laugh I just love everything of him. I love all their songs and all their albums. I do not hate or dislike anything of them I love every single thing of KoRn.I like to draw KoRn LOGO's and other KoRn related things. And if u hate or dont like KoRn then u have ISSUES and ur just a hater and jealous cuz KoRn is way better then you and they are the # 1 best band ever. well THATS PRETTY MUCH THATS ABOUT ME WANT TO KNOW MORE ASK

ADD me if you want https://www.facebook.com/KoRnFREAK71

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    On Sun, Apr 8, 2012 at 12:20 PM, KoRnFREAK71 said:

    lol thanks didnt know i didnt have no comments lol hehehe i hardly go on here cuz i dont got my computer working so i get on when i can

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    On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 1:45 AM, *beth*ann* said:

    you seem pretty cool. and you have no comments :(
    so, here is your very first one!!! keep your head up.
    we korn fans gotta look out for each other, and spread the love!!

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