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  1. I gathered up all the photos I have of Korn members with birthday cakes: JD FIELDY MUNKY HEAD I didn't have any of David or Ray :P

  2. Way Too Far Music Video!!!!!

    Tue, May 8, 2012 at 7:39 AM 0 Comments

    I can't even... my life right now...aghbalekghblaegjhagaelkgaksju J Devil vs. JD!!! Thank you guys so much for this. You are the best. The Universe bows down to you :D

  3. OMFG I wasn't on yesterday and just heard about it!!!! I can't even express how ecstatic I am right now!!!!!! dskghalkghagkjhaweg What did I say about the Kornspiracy: First album without Head: SYOTOS released Dec 6 2005 Last album without Head: TPOT released Dec 6 2011 Wow, I am so happy for the guys, this must really have been emotional for them. Brought tears to my eyes to see...

  4. Maybe it's some problem that just I am having, or maybe more people are too, but Kornspace's login seems to be messed up- it keeps telling me I entered the wrong code and won't let me log in. Also, separately, J Devil's chat is password protected now??? I can't get in to that either. Can anyone help me with these problems?

  5. I am in computer graphics class this semester and so we are using Adobe Illustrator. I'm not too good at creating stuff from scratch because the program is a pain to use, but they have some really cool photo editing tools. I took a photo of Jonathan from the cover of an issue of Kerrang from back in 2002 and did an effect on it. I think it turned out really cool, check it out!

  6. I just finished watching the Paradiso live show, and my mind has been infinitely blown. This show has no words to describe its amazingness… but I’ll try! First, this show was a thousand times better than the Palladium show and this should be made into a dvd not that show. Jonathan was perfect all night, on-pitch the entire time. He sounded amazing! The crowd was also fantastic, they really...

  7. Scans of Korn in Kerrang

    Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 12:28 PM 1 Comments

    Enjoy :)

  8. Scans coming soon! Kerrang's 30th anniversary edition is a massive issue jam-packed with 666 albums they say are the best of the best in rock- and our boys are on pg 62, nominated for debut as well as LiP, FTL, and Issues getting some good ratings. They use a really cool picture that I love. Anyways, here are pics of it, me w/it, then the cover, the article, and a close-up of the pic....

  9. Korn is nominated for 4 yes FOUR awards: Jonathan Davis for best vocals The Path of Totality for album of the year Munky for Riff Lord Fieldy for Best Bassist C'Mon people we can do it!!! Out of four they are sure to win something- With our help!

  10. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 7:34 AM 1 Comments

    stupid valentine by ~ LirraKateSirin on deviantART Happy Valentine's Day guys we love you!! I love this JD drawing it's so cute I can't resist it :)