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  1. Aside from just korn. I've noticed. That a lot of metal has to deal with letting things go. It may always be within us, but metal is like a numbing needle. Music, itself, is a numbing needle. Then there's healing. I grew up in a place where people constantly asked "Are you a devil worshiper?" and I thought to myself 'If I were to worship something as stupid as the devel...

  2. I could go on about being a huge fan of Korn. So I'll state my fan reason and then move on to what I wanted to say. I'm a born artist/writer that looked up to the music of korn since a young age and it helped me through shit. Now, I greeted Jonathan at the concert in Window Rock,AZ. I'm sure a lot of you know what it feels like to meet him. Even famous guitarists get that way with...


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