Eyes Wide Open

Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 11:55 PM By: jmccarthy1

I'm posting back to back to piss you off :)

Another killer 90's band that fell off the face of the earth due to very depressing songs is Staind. I became a fan of these guys when I saw them with korn back in 2000 at the sick and twisted tour. AMAZING. After that there albums just got bland and stale for me but i always gave them the benefit of the doubt. The guitarist would release statements between each albums and say..''this is the heaviest thing weve ever done. Well he lied. But..i heard there first track off there new album from the new transformers soundtrack. The track is called ''The bottom'' and i loved it! Well they recently posted im guessing the first single and its called ''Eyes wide open.'' get off your ass and head onto youtube and check that shit out. If you enjoyed the ''Dysfunction'' days..this surely wont be a disappointment.

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    im on it :)

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