Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 10:53 AM By: Iandroo

The room was small, dark and damp, with a metallic smell in the air. It consisted of a dirty sink, a surgical table in the middle, under a lamp that gave off a huge white light and strong, and around, hanging from the ceiling, numerous sharp objects such as knives, axes and the like.

Four people were in that room, actually five, but the fifth was just a body mass index, which had once been people. The three men were alike, all were tall, had white hair with dreads and they were huge albino. The fourth person, least of all, it was a girl of six years with the same long hair and the same pale face. Not to mention that the four had red eyes and sharp.

The girl appeared to be the leader of the pack, since the other three looked at her expectantly, as if waiting for an order. The girl remained with her eyes fixed on the body on the table, staring lustfully. He gave a devilish smile and nodded his head. The three men advanced on the body, one holding the knife while the other two watched.

The brother with the knife made the incision, leaving the neck and going to the groin. He spent the knife again to make sure that the cut had done well. Blood spurted across the table and floor while the other two opened the court with his hands, exposing the interior of the body. The middle brother reached the ribs and pulled them out without ceremony, throwing the bones on the floor. He moved his gaze to the heart, which was also unceremoniously booted and sniffed the body, smiling to see that this was still fresh. The other two looked on with envy, but was ignored by his brother who passed to his younger sister.

Without even bothering with the will of the other three, she ate as if he ate a simple pear, soft and juicy. When he finished, his face was smeared with blood, but sported a huge smile. The brothers looked hungry, hoping she would release the rest of the body, and when she nodded again they attacked him, ripping off everything they thought were edible.

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