Intrusive Advertising: Now I Hate Your Product

Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 8:33 AM By: hylianux

Have you ever been browsing the internet, only to find that out of nowhere, the entire background gets grayed out so that you can click the X button of a flash ad that REALLY wanted to get your attention?

How about when watching youtube (say, KornVEVO) and you see a video that you'd like to watch. You click it, and suddenly you're forced to endure a 40-75 second advertisement showcasing the new suburban or expensive car you can't afford. Hell, it could be a commercial for something you like, and it still pisses you off.

Even after you patiently wait for the video to end, it keeps popping up over the bottom 1/4 of the video to continually annoy you.

First and foremost: I understand that advertising revenue is the main source of keeping many businesses running. I know that a lot of my favorite review sites to visit (e.g.,,,, are run entirely by advertisements.

I understand the importance of having ads.

That being said: you don't have to make them intrusive. When I want to visit a site, you popping up your advertisement over top of what i'm trying to accomplish only pisses me off enough to want to boycott your product. When I want to watch a video, I want to watch the video... your ads should not be superimposing themselves over my entertainment. save them for the end, or put them on the side where they can't bother anyone. i might be more willing to click them and see what they're about rather than forcibly get annoyed and click the close button before you've had a chance to explain it.

But, try and explain this to a greedy bean-counter marketing department. you'll get nowhere. marketing is the worst department ever. it's the reason proprietary software (like office 2010) has a bajillion features thrown at you that you don't even plan to use. not saying there's a problem with having the features... i'm just saying they shouldn't be shoved in my face all at once. keep it simple, and let me add complexity as needed. marketing is also the reason Diablo III looks just like warcraft. "this art style sells! it's popular! it must look like this! no, forget your creativity, the people wanna see more warcraft! patronize the gamer with 'helpful hints' on how to play a video game, because we want to include the market of morons! moneymoneymoney!!!!!!" marketing is the reason programmers are stressed and depressed and indifferent to what they produce at a corporation. then you wonder why indie games and open source community-driven software is catching on.

for the time being, in case none of you knew, i'm here to help with the advertising problem: adblock.

this is a plugin for firefox or chrome that will block the flash ads on the screen as well as stop those intrusive videos and popups from showing when you want to watch an online video.

here's the firefox version >>

here's the chrome version >>

the way i see it, if i've never seen your ad video, then i'm more likely to try your product than if i HAVE seen it forcing itself over top of what i want to do. it's the lesser of 2 evils.

Even my site doesn't have ads for the exact same reason: they're annoying.

enjoy, people of

  1. cdu avatar

    On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 4:33 PM, cdu said:

    Spam disguised as spam?
    Or perhaps an advertisement against advertisements?

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