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    On Sun, Jul 21, 2013 at 11:53 AM, Faust said:

    The Media has a really bad habit of turning disgusting monsters into celebrities. They have been doing this for a long time also. Jack the Ripper was front page material in his day. Charles Manson was (and still is) a huge ratings maker for television. I guess people love violence and disturbing things so much, that these things actually do sell really well to the public. Lots of us just have this odd lust for hearing about this shit. Just look at that fuck face who killed John Lennon...they made a movie about that guy. Why? Because people like to know about real life monsters. Right now, you can't turn on the radio or TV, or the web with out hearing about George Zimmerman and there will always be news reports about some one who killed their babies or boyfriend of girlfriend or parents, and these will be "big news" until the next horrible monster comes along and shoots up a movie theater or school or military base. Double the ratings if a hot chick did the crime. I don't know if you remember all the hoopla when OJ Simpson was on trail for murder. That got huge ratings because he was already a celebrity. I will never forget them interrupting a TV show that I was watching so they could show footage of OJ's stupid white Bronco as he fled from the law. It was pointless, and it seemed to take hours. I hated every second of it, then his trial....oh god why did people want to see that bullshit? Who the hell cares? Why were people so into it? Why was it such a huge ratings draw? Bullshit. I was probably 11 years old when that happened, but still there was the crime scene photos on day time television, as well as vivid descriptions of how the victims died. At the time, I was really into Horror films and Mortal Kombat, but hearing about real people getting killed still freaked me out but I would still tune in from time to time to see if they would show more ghastly photos or maybe talk some more about the near decapitation of Jessica Simpson. And that's another thing: why do they report so little about the victim and give so much time to the murderer? Well, I guess when the victim is a pretty person, they do get some screen time, because sex and violence are the number one ratings draw.
    The perfect satire for this kind of Media lust can be seen in Natural Born Killers, which is about two lovers who go on a cross country killing spree and are glorified on the T.V. for it.
    Anyhoo, if you don't like it, then fuck it, turn off your TV. Turn the magazine cover around when you see it at a store. Fuck the media and what it has to say. What happened in Boston was pure Evil, no matter how you look at it. Why would you want to participate in such things? Boycott. Turn off the TV. Change the channel when you see something that you don't like. Or better yet, TURN IT OFF!!! Don't give the media, your time. They are the real and true Monsters of our time.