My KoRn road trip this summer

Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 3:27 PM By: gia

Haven't been posting for a while and oddly for me I see I haven't posted a word about my summer KoRn trip from Warsaw, through Vienna to Trutnov....

So it all started in Warsaw, my dear friends Uriel (France), Andy (UK), Matty and Beata (Poland) arrived for a KoRn show in a sweet tiny venue - Sowinskiego Park. We lived in my neighbor's apartment having some really good time...well there was one epic fail....but all in all the shows all make it up for it and we will never forget this trip. So after the show we dropped Andy at the airport (well almost at the airport) since he went only for WHORESAW show. Ohh yes we had gifs for the guys - we made memorial art books with pix from all the shows in Poland, and we had pierogi for the crew - they wanted some traditional polish dish they came. The show itself was one of the best I've ever been to. Awesome show, awesome crowd. We all got down for Blind making t a big surprise for the band and for he didn't got used to it yet....or maybe he did saying at the end that everytime they come to Poland they get the best treatment from us :) Oh and JD all waved at me during Get Up with this his beautiful smile you cannot resist hehe. Ohh and Ray told the security guy to gave me his drum stick :)

Vienna....this one was hard and almost didn't wouldn't if it wasnt for my brother who was driving us and Sebastien who gave us free tix for this amazingly expensive festival. Vienna was great. One of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. Absolutely would love to live there. So we got lost on our way in and been driving around the city for good hour before we found a way in hehe. Still all worth...though the show was awesome and band gave it all, the crowd sucked major ass, just standing and watching...WTH? We (me, Matty and Uri) seemed to be the only ones to go all crazy. Again we had gifts for the guys - a shirt for JD a shirt for JDevil and sweet little shirts for Munk's and Ray's boys - my daddy rocks.

So after that we drove to Trutnov where the last of our shows took place. Me and Matty had press passes that were just as good as backstage there WOO HOOO Sadly Uri couldn't get one and be there with us. She enjoyed the shows from first row though and got noticed by Munk :) Me and Matty were wandering around backstage excited like little kids on xmas day. Taking pix of guitars, bass, drums, bagpipes....Jim...everything!!! We got to hang out with Abel, Jim and Zac for a little while, they show us a...GOAT...yes there was a goat backstage and KoRn's dressing rooms were in trailers...but at least they had dressing rooms at all.....the highlight of the evening was a chance to touch THE BITCH and take a pic with this LADY. SHE'S FABULOUS!!! One hot - cold bitch haha Surprisingly way lighter than I supposed her to be. Then the goood...I been standing in a tiny place on the right side before the crowd line, I could fucking touch the stage, though the big speakers were in my way to see the band good. But still I had such a great fun!! I was the only person backstage who was giving it all...most of the people seemed to be too shy to let it out...I though fuck it and went crazy. Munk came to me at one point and laid on stage beside where I was standing so I was all able to touch his dreads :D HE gave me a gtr pick :) Then before Blind JD came to me...all bend down to me to give me a hug and hold of the sweetest moments ever for me...I fucking love these guys

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    On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 6:17 PM, Igo4KORN said:

    Must of been great time and love the pics

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    On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 6:02 PM, BP said:

    lovely! thanks for sharing,

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