The path of totality reveiw (2011)

Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 10:17 PM By: DerdriueBurden

As you all know the path of totality is KoRns first dubstep/metal album and it was very nicely done. Here is my review on it, note that this is just my opinion so don't take it seriously if you do not agree. Feel free to express yours if you wish on the comments below.
1/5- disappointing
3/5 it was an okay track
5/5 they did everything perfectly, nicely done

Chaos lives in everything- Now this is the first track on the album which gives it the most pressure because it's vibe is going to be what you judge most about the album. The opening was very nicely done with the cymbal tap to the easily head banging beat that follows a few seconds later. The lyrics were nicely written and even though they weren't very detailed any KoRn fan can get what Jonathan is saying to us and the world.

Kill mercy within- I love the way the guitars and the electronics work together in this song it makes it come alive when blasting through any set of speakers.

My wall- I was disappointed at the length of the track but over all the lyrics had a strong message in them about what the bullies hatred does everyday and how it destroys a person very easily. If more people listened to their under rated songs bullies would know what they truly do to people.

Narcissistic cannibal- Now I'm pretty sure this was the first single off the album, though I could be wrong, the elements were put together in a very ornate way. The music video is not my favorite but it was okay it looked like it was rushed through and they just put random things together with one of their performances.

Illuminati- Love the way Jonathan sings the song and the steady drum beat throughout the entire song.

Burn the obedient- I absolutely love the high pitched screech throughout the entire song, and the way Jonathan sings the lyrics kind of makes it sound a bit like the old KoRn.

Sanctuary- I was a little disappointed by the way this song was written. Jonathan sounds a little too spooky like it was made for a lame horror movie.

Let's go- I thought this was a really good song though it could've been longer.

Get up!- I love the beginning of this song it's sorta similar to chaos lives in everything. The lyrics were perfect and the guitars fit perfectly in with the electronics.

Way too far- I loved this song but I wasn't much a fan of the video. I felt like they could've done much better and promoted JDevil in a better way, and I didn't fancy seeing my hero get killed. Overall it had a great vibe and is fun to sing along to, love the bridge, and love the lyrics.

Bleeding out- Bleeding out was my favorite on the album it was also the slowest on the album. Jonathan did a fantastic job on mixing the bagpipes and electronics together, it almost didn't even sound like the bagpipes at all. I loved the piano at the beginning although I thought that they should have put a little more guitars into the song. I would've loved a music video for this.

Fuels the comedy- I loved the message Jonathan gave us on this song and the electronics I felt like it had a more metal sound to it.

Tension- I was a little disappointed at this song, it could've been better.

Overall the album is pretty good it has alot of strong messages in it, if you haven’t heard it in full yet well then put that on you’re to do list.

  1. Phukhuetu avatar

    On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 5:07 PM, Phukhuetu said:

    I really like sanctuary so that is the only one where I would disagree with you

  2. jayjay avatar

    On Sun, Nov 3, 2013 at 10:38 AM, jayjay said:

    This album has been on my play since the first day of its release, & to be honest, I never get bored of it. There are a few track that I am not keen on, But out 10, I would mark it a 9..

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