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  1. Since I'm still gonna get more ranking & more Trophies back on Mortal Kombat online competition experience still. Mortal Kombat Vs DC online is the most easy way to make online competitor feel bad. Also did that last year. There pissed. It was a Good times Lol. But yes I will return in MK Online soon. The Mastermind is back. But I'd gotta get my ranking up first before my chaos lives in...

  2. I Belong With Nine Inch Nails Remix page instead of Korn Remix Steam page. because the korn crew never support any remixer for many decides from others. They need a korn remix staff member to keep users in touch like good supporter. It doesn't matter who is better remix creation anyway. " There is no agenda here, There is community of sharing and creativity. - Trent Reznor " If they...

  3. What i Last Seen Korn

    Tue, May 1, 2012 at 10:14 AM 1 Comments

    I Last Seen Korn in See On The Other Side Tour & Bitch We Got A Problem Tour in Reno Nevada. On SYOTS Tour i seen "10 years" is play on first up stage in Reno Event Center Reno Nevada. Still the memorable concert ever in 2006 with mudvane. On Bitch We Got A Problem Tour, I Totally Gotta See "HellYeah" is playing on Lawlor Event Center on Nevada Wolf Pack Basketball Stadium in 2007....

  4. Information / Description: Making Way Too Far Slow Tape Screwed & Chopped project from February since "Kill Mercy Within, Get Up!, & Over 400+ outrageous viewers couldn't believe angry Chopped & Screwed DJ's last year is talking about "Narcissistic Cannibal". i'd bust out The Crazy Electronic Solo on 2:55 - 3:31 with my baby djing digital control on Way Too Far Chopped & Screwed....

  5. Did My Time (I Am The One!) Info: This Remix I'd Summon With The Grayedout? Bring This Remix Creation Comeback To Live Once Again? Link: Did_My_Time_(I_Am_The _One_)_(Remixed_By_Dean_Birchum_&_The_Grayedout_) Remix: Dean Birchum Special Guest Remix: The Grayeout

  6. Info / Description: "it ain't about The Chuck Chang, Chuck Chang, it ain't about The Bla Blang, Bla Blang, & Fuck all that bullshit!" Yeah that's some two hardcore shit. I'd let Jessie & B.o.B throw it up on the mix with Korn. "Skratch N Sniff Style!!" Enjoy! Link : All Remixed Up - Justin Price Tag - Jessie-J Vs Korn (Dean Birchum Remix) (2012)...

  7. What's going on Korn fans.. It's Your favorite Korn remixer "Dean Birchum" if or if you did or didn't hear or watch the walmart soundcheck 2012 of Korn at pretty awesome live soundcheck rehearsal video in 21 minutes. video uploaded by MoHaXPetya on youtube. Great work good man. At it Soldier. So enjoy walmart soundcheck of Korn Link below? (I hope this dude video is long last...

  8. Narcissistic Cannibal & Get Up! (The Full Complete Chopped & Screwed ) Is Available Now On! Link & info / bio: Later? Narcissistic Cannibal (Chopped & Screwed) (Remixed By DJ Dean Birchum) Link: Get Up (Chopped & Screwed) (Remixed By DJ Dean Birchum) (Bonus YouTube...

  9. Info: Working The remix is pretty dark, my screaming backvocal, Beat pumping sound. this could be the first ever made, first controversy remixer making Kill You. Will see? I'd spend since yesterday making this controversial song from Life is Peachy Album... "Kill You" Dean "Charles" Birchum Jr - Jan 10 2012 Korn - Kill You (Remixed By Dean Birchum) Link:...

  10. Happy New Year!!

    Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 6:48 PM 0 Comments

    Have A Great Happy New Year Of 2012 Korn Fans!! New York City is hell of full? Dean Birchum (12-31-11)


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