Dean Blog's: Korn Vs NIN (Mashups Tracklist By Dean Birchum)

Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 1:38 AM By: Dean Birchum

This is a sneek peek of
Korn Vs Nine Inch Nails Tracklist:

Korn Vs Nine Inch Nails Intro
Chaos Lives In The Wretched (Chaos Lives In Everything + The Wretched (Remix) )
Way Too Far Closer (Instrumental)
The Perfect Drug Vs Get Up! - ( )
Kill Mercy Meet Within Your Master (Instrumental) (Kill Mercy Within + Meet Your Master & Ghost 19 [Samples])
God Get Up! (God Given + Get Up!)
Happiness Is Hazery (Happiness is Slavery + Haze)
The Big Come Down Cannibal (The Big Come Down + Narcissistic Cannibal)
Trash Vs Vessel
Alone I Ruiner (Alone I Break + Ruiner)
Capital Get Up! (Capital G (Remix) + Get Up)
The Four Of Us Are Freak On A Leash (The Four Of Us Are Dying + Freak On A Leash)
Gave Up & Wake Up Hate (Gave Up + Wake Up Hate)
The Last Legal Drug Of The End (The Beginning Of The End + The Last Legal Drug (Le Petit Mor)
I Don't Make Believe This? (Make Believe + I Don't Want This)
Survivalism In The Bush (Survivalism + Helmet In The Bush) (As Shown last year)
Did My Self Destruction (Did My Time + Mr Self Destruction)
Coming Undeep (Coming Undone + Deep)
Falling only away from me (Only + Falling Away From Me)

(Note: theres more years to come i'd can come up for more Korn Vs Nine Inch Nails the two legendary genius soon? This is the only idea I got? Just have over 50 NIN Multi-Tracks Sources from last year & korn's Instrumental & Acapella last couple month ago. This is gonna work? I'm the only Remixer can do anything instead of people in public jealous of my mixes, damn big cry babies too bad? Snooze they lose right... It's suck to be them on the rush on their remix early. Just take lots of practice is mind, courage, strength & what to believe remix creation.) So yep this is Korn Vs Nine Inch Nails is Coming in September 2012 thru July 2013 on youtube. This gonna rock with two legendary genius... check you later. --- Dean Birchum 7-26-12

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    On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 9:06 PM, Katie Levy said:

    Sounds interesting. Great songs too btw!

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