On Your Way

Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 8:57 PM By: let1rock1liv1forever

Grab onto a tree with your locked knees
Go see what this world has come to be
Upside down,
And dumbfounded you will be

Come down and on the way scratch your knees
See the pain living here can bring
See the blood that's shed day too day
Then go be on your way

On your way
Aren't you so hungry?
Too bad this world eats to eternal sleep
While others starve themselves bone deep
And we do nothing

While you leave don't you want to help?
Those poor kids hiding with a yelp
Don't you want to go soothe their beating hearts?
Too bad that man needs them to pay for cards

Outside you see a girl tying a noose
Too bad she has learned the worlds ugly truth
I'm sorry you had to leave this way
Go on your way.

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