My Visual Trick

Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 12:37 AM By: let1rock1liv1forever

I may have a wrong mind

i may have a bad soul

but at lest i dont focus on coal

I may seem dark, evil, sick

but im really happy, good, just pulling a visual trick

You hate me for my belifes

when you dont know what they are

you hate me when im mean

yet your a steriotypical queen

Raid my life of its pease

and have it perish for your please

Kill me

drain me

rob and pound me

take it all away from me

Forget my happieness?

you must be kidding me

Take away my hope?

you've gotta kill me

Please don't

and leave me be

i'm not hurting

just creating

But not as fast

as your distroying



Yet they call me the monster

Why do you belive a lie?

therefor letting me die?

Leave me be

set me free

understand my words

then understand my world

So open your ears

and shut your mouth

and maby you'll find

a better way out

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