Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 8:35 AM By: let1rock1liv1forever

(im a horrible speller so deal with it)
id like costructive critisisum but dnt be a bitch about it plz
and plz dnt consider my age when reading this also if you want to know what a line or to means you can ask but i wont tell you what the whole thing means its supose to be diffrent for each person that reads it... duh

Paralized Thoughts

My paralized thoughts
so shaken with fear
will not be determind so near

My paralized thoughts
so scary, yet calm
evil arises them
good thrives on them
im used to the scary-less fear

It comes everyday
and is gone in a flash
my paralized thoughts
never leave my side
they will stay with me
till im thought to die

Should i chose that time?
or keep on fighting
through the thunder and the lightning
or controll them
till they are thought to die

I will scrabble and scratch them
down under the earth
use the talons of a thousand
so bloody and filled with dirt
they will perish and die
so i may thrive
and cast there carcas
good-bye my satan, good-bye

btw i wrote this after hearing part of Sudden Death by Megadeth

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