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  1. Happy Father's Day!!!

    Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 11:37 AM 0 Comments

    Happy Father's Day to all the KoRn daddy's out there!!! Hope you have a great day with your Seed's!!!

  2. Life is hard,,and is only getting harder! I'm glad I finally have some sunshine to look forward to I hope you are all doing very well!!! MikeyD

  3. Favourite Song- Album Part I

    Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 7:41 PM 2 Comments

    Hey everyone, wondering what song made it for you? This list contains the first 5 albums (& the next list only contains the 5 most recent because I don't have a favourite on Take A Look In The Mirror, sounds like a demo that wasn't finished). KoRn: "Clown", my favourite off the first. A hard choice because the whole disc is mint! This song has such a heavy atmosphere and Jonathan sang what I...

  4. Hey All, I heard a song on the radio at work the other day that I haven't heard in years. It was Genesis' "Land of Confusion". It took me back to my childhood with the crazy puppet video and the message of the world being such a messed up place at the time. I thought, you know this song really speaks to me today just like it did back then. I also thought, man I bet KoRn could really do...


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