best. dream. EVER!!! :'D

Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 10:55 PM By: MindFreakOnALeashBlakelyRachelle

korn came to my house!! (in my dream) well, first thing i remember in my dream, we were on a field-trip to some sort of cave- swimming hole. i dunno, it was like a river, with a road running along side it, and trees, but their was a roof, and walls? slimy walls, like a cave. well anyways i was there, and my mom was having parking issues. (she ended up parking on a hill in the trees... i dont know where she was for the rest of my dream, but there was a line to get in at this door that was cut into the cave wall, and there was a little window next to it. the line didnt move at all, but me and who ever i was with (like 3-7 random people, but they were my best friends? not sure where they came from...) some how got in. i don't remember much of what happened after we got in, just bits and pieces. i bought everybody drinks out of a vending machiene (i remember sprite and fruit juice particularly, though i don't care much for either) there was some arguing over who got what, then i bought my bratty little brother some candy. at one point some guy was begging for my attention like a love-sick puppy, (which was wierd becouse i'm not exactly the most attractive girl in the world) and then we went swimming fully dressed, in the water, which was warm, so that made me happy. before we left, i remember going with my 'friends' to sit and chat in a part of the cave that was like a circular room with a stone bench running all the way around it, (exept for the exit) then i don't remember anything untill i got off the school bus at my house (i live like a mile outside of a small 'town' that doesn't even have so much as a gas station, on a small farm) anyways, i started walking down the driveway to where my mom was, and was like 'why's there a tour bus in our yard?' and she was like 'Happy Birthday!' (that was wierd too, cuz my birthdays in december, and it was summer weather) anywhoo, the doors opened, and out comes fieldy, ray, munky, david, head, and jonathan! they started walking twards me, and the bus moved to reveal a stage. fieldy went with munky to go pet the horses, ray and david went to go see the doggies, and head went to go talk to my nicer little bro, who's really into the whole christian thing (i'm an athiest) and jonathan stopped infront of me, and said 'hi' i didnt know what to do, i didn't want to go all crazy fan girl on him, but i had to do SOMETHING, right? so, i stood there dumbfounded, trying to say words that wouldn't come out of my mouth, then he kinda chuckled and said 'it's okay jeez and then i gived him a hug, and said 'i love your dreads!' :) i guess they had been there awhile, cuz they were pretty fimiliar with my mom. after i got my magic hug, they went up and played all my favorite songs,(blind, got the life, bbk, dead bodies everywhere, tearjerker, hypocrites, politics, right now, coming undone, falling away from me, did my time ex, ex,) then we rocked out to happy birthday! after they were done, munky, fieldy, and head gave me their picks (i don't know what the ones they usually give out look like, but these were transparent-orange, munky's had the face of a screaming monkey on it, head's had a simple cross, and fieldy's just said 'Fieldy' i was so happy! after that, we all had a picknic and sat and chatted for awhile. i went inside for some reason, and i went to my room, to find that a certain band had been snooping through my stuff. but it wasnt that bad, cuz they filled up my piggy bank, put KoRn stickers on my binder, gave me a stack of every KoRn record, AND a K-5 Ibenez Bass! so yeah, i wasn't mad. :) for some reason, munky left me a book entitled ' electricity, and how it's used in film production' with a note that said something like ' don't forget, electricity is an important asset' then, i was gonna go outside, and thank them all with tears in my eyes, but i was in my pajamas!! so i was rushing to get dressed, when i tripped on my shoes, and woke up....... i stayed in bed and sulked a little, cuz i didn't know i was was 4:00 in the afternoon! i didn't even stay up late, so i dunno what the deal is with that....

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