Path to Totality Tour Lubbock TX 04/20/12

Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 8:32 PM By: mikem13132004

To everyone debating if they wanna buy the vip package or not i strongly recommend it. this day i got the listening session and at first i thought i may have wasted my money in the beginning but i was way wrong i got to meet the whole band and shake their hands and also got to take pictures with them then i got to go on stage while they were perfoming and got some awesome pictures and best of all got to chill in Jonathan Davis's tour bus with him and another vip member which is now a friend and got some more awesome pictures with us 3. this will be a night that i will never forget because i have been a KORN fan for over 15 yrs and trust me when they come back i will go vip again it was awesome. the concert was great but everything else with my package was better. you will not be dissapointed by no means whatsoever so get out the and go see them live whether you go vip or not you will be blown the f*** away

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