24 oct 2011 JD CHAT PART 1

Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 7:38 PM By: Bruja Escarlata

guest-24210 entered the room.
[9:33 PM] guest-24210 changed nickname to jd
[9:33 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: idr
[9:34 PM] brujaescarlata: jd hi
[9:34 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: hi jd :D
[9:34 PM] guest-24216 entered the room.
[9:34 PM] korndawg711: hi jd!
[9:34 PM] jd: whats up yll
[9:34 PM] brujaescarlata: hows mexico?
[9:35 PM] jd: mexico was fun but im really sick
[9:35 PM] josieadmin: how are you doing JD...haven't seen you on in awhile!
[9:35 PM] josieadmin: OH NOES
[9:35 PM] brujaescarlata: sick???
[9:35 PM] josieadmin: cold? flu?
[9:35 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: sick ??? :( so was i :(
[9:35 PM] jd: pissing out my ass and fever
[9:35 PM] josieadmin: YIKES
[9:35 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: ooo YIKES
[9:36 PM] josieadmin: i hope you get well soon
[9:36 PM] followtheleader: damn, that sucks
[9:36 PM] brujaescarlata: gte well
[9:36 PM] jd: mexico does that to you
[9:36 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: lol
[9:36 PM] brujaescarlata: you dont drink water right?
[9:36 PM] josieadmin: lol...i wouldnt know
[9:36 PM] jd: nope only bottled water
[9:36 PM] josieadmin: did a star show up next to JD?
[9:36 PM] norg: He JD whats Cracka lackin
[9:36 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: nah josie
[9:36 PM] jd: chillin
[9:36 PM] hiv: Hey Jd! What's shaking man?
[9:37 PM] jd: nothin
[9:37 PM] josieadmin: i have something to show you JD
[9:37 PM] followtheleader: lol
[9:37 PM] jd: it was fun
[9:37 PM] hiv: Nice, bro.
[9:37 PM] hiv: How's family?
[9:37 PM] jd: great
[9:37 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: screw home work im staying on :P
[9:37 PM] hiv: Did your sons enjoy alone time with mother?
[9:37 PM] hiv: lol
[9:37 PM] jd: yeah
[9:38 PM] josieadmin: Marc sent me a shirt
[9:38 PM] jd: wow
[9:38 PM] jd: just saw marc yesterday
[9:38 PM] josieadmin: he's sending me a Front Porch music shirt too
[9:38 PM] jd: wow
[9:39 PM] norg: Did u hang out with the Infected mushroom crew JD ????
[9:39 PM] jd: yes
[9:39 PM] hiv: So JD, are you pumped up for the Path of Totality tour?
[9:39 PM] jd: very pumped
[9:39 PM] followtheleader: JD, NC sounds awesome, just saying
[9:39 PM] hiv: Sweet
[9:39 PM] josieadmin: NC is AMAZING
[9:39 PM] jd: thank you
[9:40 PM] jd: rest of album is intence
[9:40 PM] hiv: JD, whats your favorite shampoo?
[9:40 PM] jd: i dont wash my hair
[9:42 PM] hiv: JD, is there any plans for Korn to come to Canada?
[9:42 PM] josieadmin: JD...i forgot to show you...i have something for you when i see you in NYC
[9:42 PM] jd: i hope its all up to promoters
[9:42 PM] jd: killer
[9:42 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: are you guys coming to texas ???
[9:42 PM] jd: i think so
[9:43 PM] vevodvs: what about south america?
[9:43 PM] brujaescarlata: south america tour??
[9:43 PM] jd: i want to but dont know when
[9:43 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: sweet
[9:43 PM] raven: i hope you guys dontplay shoreline
[9:43 PM] followtheleader: Winniepeg Jets
[9:43 PM] raven: that place sucks
[9:43 PM] followtheleader: they are finally back lol
[9:43 PM] vevodvs: well... at least that give us hopes xD
[9:43 PM] vevodvs: ty
[9:43 PM] josieadmin: anything about a TPOT pre-sale or exclusive package?
[9:43 PM] brujaescarlata: lol yes
[9:43 PM] hiv: Winnipeg is a horrible city.... but Korn rocked it out!
[9:43 PM] followtheleader: haha
[9:43 PM] korndawg711: lol me in NH never gettin any shows, its expected. its NH.
[9:43 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: norg u scared me i had the volume high :(
[9:44 PM] korndawg711: wish i could go to the boston one
[9:44 PM] hiv: JD, hows the SFA coming along?
[9:44 PM] korndawg711: me bein a teenager im flat broke :P
[9:44 PM] norg: o i didnt know
[9:44 PM] norg: it was on
[9:44 PM] jd: its good
[9:44 PM] vevodvs: any tension video soon jd?
[9:44 PM] josieadmin: JD...will the shows prior to TPOT release still get to hear the new songs on the setlist?
[9:44 PM] jd: just te ones on youtube
[9:45 PM] jd: yes
[9:45 PM] hiv: JD, anything happening with Oblivion?
[9:45 PM] jd: nope
[9:45 PM] hiv: Lol, still stuck?
[9:45 PM] jd: shit allways gets fucked up
[9:45 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: lol
[9:45 PM] followtheleader: lol, will Korn ever come back to Trenton NJ,
[9:45 PM] hiv: like the worms that fuck up shit in Dune?
[9:46 PM] josieadmin: lol .... the armpit of NJ :D
[9:46 PM] hiv: lol, that sucks
[9:46 PM] followtheleader: LOl josie
[9:46 PM] jd: shihalude
[9:49 PM] josieadmin: JD...you still there?
[9:49 PM] jd: yes
[9:49 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: :D
[9:49 PM] raven: moi aussi, owen
[9:49 PM] josieadmin: JD...are you twittering this again!
[9:49 PM] josieadmin: PLEASE SAY NO!!!
[9:49 PM] jd: no
[9:50 PM] hiv: JD, what are you wearing?
[9:50 PM] followtheleader: hiv, really?
[9:50 PM] jd: pants and a tshirt i feel like shit
[9:50 PM] josieadmin: JD...what can you tell us about J Devil
[9:50 PM] jd: j devil is my alter ego
[9:51 PM] josieadmin: and the black retainer thing....??
[9:51 PM] hiv: Grillz?
[9:51 PM] hiv: Black Grillz, I think?
[9:51 PM] norg: did u get dat grill from Paul wall ???
[9:51 PM] jd: i look like a demon black eyes and black teeth
[9:52 PM] norg: u should also paint ur face black like u did that one time
[9:52 PM] jd: nah
[9:52 PM] josieadmin: and at the Infected Mushroom show...were you wearing the new MultiCam pants????
[9:52 PM] jd: yes all my stuff i wear comes from tad gear
[9:53 PM] norg: Jd when u turn 50 will u still be doing korn how could u headband at that age ????? :P
[9:53 PM] jd: i prob will still be able too hehe
[9:53 PM] korndawg711: oh. we have halloween week. still working on my costume ;)
[9:53 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: haha
[9:54 PM] josieadmin: i will be with my family for about 6 months ..... and then deploying again for 6 months
[9:54 PM] korndawg711: you can guess...
[9:54 PM] followtheleader: ahh ok
[9:54 PM] hiv: Back with a monster!
[9:54 PM] raven: is korn playing a halloween show?
[9:54 PM] guest-24310 entered the room.
[9:54 PM] guest-24310 changed nickname to joshskater19
[9:54 PM] korndawg711: hey josh
[9:54 PM] yvonne: wow hot pockets lol
[9:54 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: lol hiv
[9:54 PM] hiv: but Monsters better.... but unhealthy
[9:54 PM] followtheleader: capslock is rude :P
[9:54 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: i had one this morning :F
[9:54 PM] josieadmin: JD...what happened to the USO trip last year? are you going to try for another one?
[9:54 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: *:D
[9:54 PM] joshskater19: where is korn live chat?
[9:54 PM] korndawg711: this
[9:54 PM] hiv: I'm a rude boy
[9:54 PM] followtheleader: lol
[9:54 PM] josieadmin: this is korn live chat josh
[9:54 PM] kornii: wow, lol
[9:54 PM] followtheleader: haha
[9:54 PM] joshskater19: i heard about it on tumblr
[9:54 PM] jd: uso cant get there shit together
[9:55 PM] brujaescarlata: jd what about the problem of the low sound of mexico?
[9:55 PM] jd: that show sucked police turned it down
[9:56 PM] josieadmin: JD...can you give us a peek into what "rare" song you might include on the setlist??
[9:56 PM] jd: predictable
[9:56 PM] jd: we are gona do the original demo version
[9:57 PM] raven: YESSS
[9:57 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: that my jam right there :D
[9:57 PM] followtheleader: wow cool
[9:57 PM] josieadmin: NICE!
[9:57 PM] moniqqa: awesoomee!
[9:57 PM] korndawg711: awesome
[9:57 PM] raven: i am so so so so hoping second leg includes norcal
[9:57 PM] vevodvs: so cool!
[9:57 PM] jd: the show is in 3 parts
[9:57 PM] jd: we start with rare shit then the dub stuff then hits
[9:58 PM] hiv: JD, It's been 10 simply fucking amazing albums, anf you repay us in the greatest way ever!
[9:58 PM] hiv: JD, thanks for not being an Axl Rose!
[9:58 PM] jd: your welcome
[9:58 PM] clo000wn: Not gunna lie, i hated dubstep until i heard get up and narcissitic cannibal.
[9:58 PM] raven: i love how korn did the lodi dodi thing with ball tongue
[9:58 PM] raven: loved*
[9:58 PM] hiv: Teehee..... I'm talking with my hero!
[9:58 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: i like it it was the shiz :D
[9:58 PM] josieadmin: JD...yes....im SUPER pleased with what i've heard off TPOT so far
[9:58 PM] josieadmin: THANK YOU JD!
[9:58 PM] raven: samesies
[9:58 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: i know hiv i feel the same :D
[9:58 PM] joshskater19: the song that got me into korn would be freak on a leash unplugged on korn tv
[9:58 PM] hiv: JD, just pointing this out, YOU are the one who saved me from suicide
[9:59 PM] hiv: Sright, I nearly did it.
[9:59 PM] raven: JD, KoRn, you guys kick some serious balls
[9:59 PM] brujaescarlata: look jd a future korn fan
[9:59 PM] jd: im really proud of it worked my ass off on it
[9:59 PM] josieadmin: JD...can you say anything about the rumors that Head is coming back??
[9:59 PM] jd: nope
[9:59 PM] hiv: JD, I've been through some tough shit! You have saved my life, man!
[9:59 PM] jd: im glad i helped
[9:59 PM] vevodvs: U can't ay it cuz it's true or cuz they're false? JD
[10:00 PM] jd: false

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    10:00 PM] thatonekidnamedlola: i cried like a baby on that one :(
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