Addictive Bitch

Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 5:36 AM By: bloodrelic

It's strange living a life so different from everybody else's. They claim I'm the confused one, yet i feel it's they who are confused. I can't tell you exactly what it is that pains me, not because i don't want to but because I feel that it is a little bit of everything. Time, death, the finite, the confusion this world revolves around.
I'm depressed, have been for about the past six years of my life. Theres no good reason for it. it's all about how i perceive the world. I am no weaker than anybody else in willpower or whatever. any one would crumble just as i continue to if they had the thoughts that i had.
I quit dropped out of College, I found no reason to do any of the work. It all seemed pointless to me. Life seemed pointless to me.
I can say this however, to anyone that thinks they've been through the deepest shit life has to offer as i do. If it weren't for the moments of sorrow and depression, then the moments of joy and love would go by unnoticed and under appreciated. Paine teaches you to appreciate those moments that you are without pain. Even if their are so few.
The best we can do in life is live it to the best of our abilities, even through the unfairness of our situations. My life isn't fair at all, but that doesn't mean the life I live is pointless.
the point to life in my opinion is just to do whatever it is that makes you happy. True happiness revolves around the things we have experienced and the people we share those experiences with. So choose your friends wisely and keep them close to your heart. Because you will never know when a truly beautiful opportunity comes your way and you will need someone to share the experience with.
I'm Here to Stay

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    On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 4:57 PM, cdu said:

    "Pain teaches you to appreciate those moments that you are without pain. "

    Yeah - pain tells you something is wrong, wisdom tells you to enjoy the good times.

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