Off-topic and time to bleed again, huh?

Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 12:15 AM By: Silverthorn

[Now listening the album: See You On The Other Side - KoRn]
Well, things are going well for now. No suspicious noises, just loudy neighbours.
Ordered lots of music this week and the mail box was full of my mail, atleast I've heard so. The mail is coming to me today and new nappula boksi (nappula = button or pills in my own language :-D, boksi = box). My mail includes (hopefully) old Finnish heavy metal band Tarot's old records, after that I have all of Tarot's records in physical CDs (yay).

Here is some facts about Tarot if you don't know. You can skip this if not interested.
Tarot, leaded by Marco Hietala (lead vocals and bass, also Nightwish's bassist) was formed in (good old days) year 1983. Zachary Hietala (brother of Marco, guitars) is also in the band with Janne Tolsa (keyboards), Pecu Cinnari in the drums and last but not least, Tommi Salmela in samples and vocals Debut came out in 1986 and was named "Spell of Iron". Tarot is doing a few festival gigs in 2014. Stay tuned in IF interested.

Things are getting bored also. I should bake and eat normal food instead of trash food but I'm so lazy that I can't even cook. Today I was doing laundry at laundry room near my apartment.

Well.. Have youy ever done chocolate bananas in the oven? I did yesterday. Yummy and so sweet! So good -just warm banana and melted chocolate with vanilla ice cream. I knew I should have taken a pic of it. Just for teasing :--D

Cheers and best regards for everyone,

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